Lesson 32: Joseph Smith Is Jailed Unjustly


The purpose of Primary 5 Lesson 32: Joseph Smith Is Jailed Unjustly is to understand that when we have faith in the Lord, He will help us meet whatever adversity we face.

Teaching Thoughts

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Teacher Study

"The Purpose of Life: To Be Proved" by Elder Franklin D. Richards

"Your Holy Places" by Sister Ann M. Dibb


Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail (about 2 minutes)- An illustrated Doctrine and Covenants video about Joseph Smith's experience in Liberty Jail..

Mountains to Climb (about 5 minutes)- President Eyring's message about overcoming trials through faith in Jesus Christ.

God Will Lift Us Up (about 5 minutes)- A young woman looks for the good despite her painful physical  trials.


My Primary 5 Lesson 32 Handout Packet includes

  • Coloring chart to go with Enrichment Activity 2- Have your class draw a picture of how each word makes them feel in the boxes.
  • Worksheet for Enrichment Activity 6

Activity Ideas

Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail- Cut out and color pictures to tell the story of Joseph Smith in the Liberty Jail.

Tender Mercies- An activity to remember blessings and what to do when things get tough.

Mormonad Poster: Adversity Can Make You Strong- Find 11 ways to use posters in your class here.

Liberty Jail- A digital picture of the Liberty Jail to use in teaching about Joseph Smith's experience there.

The Life of Joseph Smith- An activity to remember the important events in Joseph Smith's life, including Liberty Jail.

Joseph's Experiences in Jail- Comic book-style pictures telling the story of Joseph Smith in jail.

Challenges in Missouri- Illustrated pictures of scenes in church history including the Liberty Jail.

Joseph Smith- A puzzle of Joseph Smith to color, includes important dates in his life.

Coloring Pages

Prophet Joseph Smith