Lesson 7: Joseph Smith Translates the Gold Plates


The purpose in teaching Primary 5 Lesson 7: Joseph Smith Translates the Gold Plates is to help everyone understand and recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost as well as to desire to be worthy of his constant companionship.

Teaching Thoughts

  • Put the four steps for the process of making decisions as listed in the manual and D&C 9:8-9 on strips of paper and see if your class and put them in the right order. Have them check it when they are done with the scripture. You can divide the class into two groups and race as well.
  • Put up a sheet like a divider as mentioned in the manual except this time act out the emotions in Enrichment Activity 4. This time have one person stand on both sides of the sheet so they are essentially facing each other. Read one of the phrases in Enrichment Activity 4. When it's something that describes how we feel when the Spirit is with us, have someone whisper to each person how to pose and act so they will match each other when the sheet is dropped. If it is something that doesn't describe it, simply say the word. Discuss how much easier it is to do the right pose when you have someone helping you and how that is true in our lives when we have the Holy Ghost with us.
  • Remember with Enrichment Activities 6 & 7, you can make a playlist on the new LDS Media Library App. 
  • You can also do last week's decoding activity if you didn't get to it.
  • The class packet from The Red Headed Hostess includes a scribe and trivia activity.

The following are links to LDS.org resources unless otherwise stated.

Teacher Study

"The Holy Ghost" by Elder Robert D. Hales

"The Holy Ghost as Your Companion" by President Henry B. Eyring


Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery (about 3 minutes)- Illustrated scripture story of Oliver helping Joseph translate the Book of Mormon

Enemy Territory (about 3 1/2 minutes)- Boyd K. Packer tells of how listening to the Holy Ghost helped him during WWII. This is better for the oldest Primary children.

Create (about 2 minutes)- From Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk about relying on the Spirit to create and live up to our potential.

One in a Million "Joey" (about 2 minutes)- A boy from Alaska saved his family by listening to the Holy Ghost.

Prophet Videos "Harold B Lee" (about 1 1/2 minutes)- A story of how President Lee was protected by listening to the Spirit

Additional Resources

Remember you can find a lot of additional resources to give you more background and help for teaching on my 2017 Study Resources for the LDS Class post. The bottom part is all about the Doctrine and Covenants and includes a link to this study book. The top part is all about President Gordon B. Hinckley which would be excellent to study on your own since you don't attend the adult 3rd hour.


"Search, Ponder, and Pray"- Children's Songbook pg. 109

"The Still Small Voice"-Children's Songbook pg. 106

"Listen, Listen"- Children's Songbook pg. 107

"The Holy Ghost"- Children's Songbook pg. 105

"I Know my Father Lives"- Children's Songbook pg. 5

"If I Listen with my Heart"- Sing-a-long Video

"As a Child of God"- sheet music

"I Feel the Spirit"- sheet music

"The Gift of the Holy Ghost"- sheet music

"Whenever I have to Choose"-  sheet music


My Primary 5 Lesson 7 handout packet includes

  • Scripture journal page to go with D&C 8:2- Challenge your class to hang up the scripture in their rooms this week and work at doing those things they wrote down to invite the Spirit into their lives.
  • Charade cards to go with Enrichment Activity 5. Keep the fun going with 100 more Pictionary/Charades Cards! It's a great game to play when you have those few extra minutes at the end of your class.

Activity Ideas

The Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit- Word find in the shape of a Christmas tree.

The Holy Ghost- A crossword puzzle about the Holy Ghost

Inviting the Spirit- Pictures that can be colored of doing kind acts which can help us have the Spirit. 

Listen to the Still, Small Voice- Look up scriptures about the Holy Ghost and color a patchwork quilt to remind children of how the Spirit comforts us like a blanket.

I will follow Heavenly Father's plan by being baptized and confirmed- Scroll down to the section "Listen to the Still, Small Voice" and there are pictures and statements about how the Holy Ghost blesses our lives, great for a matching game.

Who Had the Spirit?- Scroll down to the activity where you can read and fill in the blanks from a  scripture about the Holy Ghost.

Names of the Holy Ghost- A word find with other names for the Holy Ghost.

Choosing the Right through Study and Prayer- Follow a maze to find the best way to make decisions.

When we Choose the Right we are Blessed- A matching game of making good decisions. This is great for the younger classes.

The Gift of the Holy Ghost- Fill in the blanks of these scriptures about the Holy Ghost printed on beautiful gift cards.

The Holy Ghost Can Help Me- Make an invitation to remind children of how they can invite the Spirit into their lives each day.

Coloring Pages 

The Holy Ghost Testifies to Me

I Choose to fill my Life with Things that Invite the Spirit

My Faith in Jesus Christ grows when I listen to the Holy Ghost