Berry Sweet Friendship Cards to Help You Minister to the One

You want to go over to their house but you don’t want to show up empty handed. You keep thinking about sending a card but Miss You cards won’t work because you haven’t even met the person yet. Do you need help making contact with someone? Meet Dana from Red H Designs and her Berry Sweet Friendship Cards to help you minister to the one.


Her Berry Sweet Friendship theme comes in tag or card form so you can either stop by with a treat or send a card in the mail. There are so many ways to use this free printable! Use these Berry Sweet Friendship cards and tags to:

  • Reach out to someone in your Primary that you haven’t met yet

  • Send a note to a sick friend

  • Brighten your new ministering family’s day

  • Make contact with those that you don’t normally see at Church

  • Celebrate a birthday in your Primary class

  • and so much more!

There are so many great berry things you can easily pair with these tags whether you want to give a sweet treat or something that isn’t food. Here are just a few ideas for berry items:

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can easily make these tags or cards work for Primary children that you want to meet, a sister that you haven’t seen in a while, or someone that is sick in the hospital. How will you use them?

If you like these cards, pin it so others can find them too!

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