Primary 6 Lesson 12


Primary 6 Lesson 12: Isaac and Rebekah- the purpose of this lesson is to emphasize temple marriage covenants and blessings.


D&C 49:15- Marriage is ordained of God

1 Corinthians 11:11- Man not without the woman

Helaman 10:7- Seal on earth, sealed in heaven

D&C 131:1-4- To obtain the Celestial Kingdom, need temple marriage

D&C 88:119- Establish of house of prayer, fasting...

D&C 138:53-54- Our latter-day work includes building temples


Lesson Ideas

Rebekah at the Well- Movable coloring page

Trust in the Lord- Rebekah at the Well dot-to-dot

Scripture Figure- This coloring page puppet might look like Rebekah

The Greatest Gift- Puzzle about the greatest gift which is possible because of the temple

Building a Temple- Make this model temple

A Special Day- Framed coloring page of a temple

Temple Blessings Unite Families- Coloring Page

The Temple is a Blessing for Me and my Family- Coloring Page with a spot to draw yourself

Temple Hidden Picture- Find the hidden objects through the picture

Temples in All Times- Make this mobile of temples throughout history.

The Temple is a Happy Place- A mobile to color and make

Together Forever- Make this temple scene

I Can Prepare to be Worthy to Go to the Temple- Coloring Page

Temples Bless Families- Another mobile but works best if you have family pictures although the kids could just draw them

The Temple- I'm Going There Someday- A board game to play

Hidden Picture- Scroll down past the story to find the hidden picture page

The Temple is a House of God- Scroll down to find the activity about things to do to be ready to go to the temple

Salt Lake Temple Dot-to-Dot- Super easy and probably too young for most kids using this manual.  There is also this Dot-to-Dot.

Journey to the Temple- A more difficult board game

Preparing for the Temple- Another hidden pictures scene

Temple ABCs- Fill in the blanks

Temple Facts Challenge- Multiple choice questions or use this one.  

Temple Words- Temple shaped and themed word search

Words of the Prophet- Decode this message from the prophet

Spot the Differences- A photograph spot the differences

You Are Never Lost When You Can See the Temple- Bright Idea Poster

40 Years in the Making- Mormonad.  See also Look Ahead, Peace on Earth


Temples are a Beacon- President Thomas S. Monson (President and Prophet) shares a story of a family sacrifice to go to the temple.  About 3 minutes