Lesson 17: Joseph Forgives His Brothers


Primary 6 Lesson 17: Joseph Forgives His Brothers- the last one in the Joseph story that will help us have the desire to forgive.

Lesson Ideas

(As the last 2 lessons were about Joseph, please see their lesson ideas for Joseph activities: Lesson 15, Lesson 16)

Joseph Forgives His Brothers- Coloring Page

Cease from Anger- Another quiz to take

I Forgive You- (Scroll down) Situations to forgive and why you should

Be Ye Kind- Bright Idea poster

Build Upon My Rock- Doorknob hanger that includes how we should forgive

A Shield of Faith- Forgiveness is part of that shield

 To download without the tag, click on the picture. 

To download without the tag, click on the picture. 

Nephi Forgives- Another story about Nephi forgiving his brothers and characters to color or use as puppets

I Forgive You- Walk in someone else's shoe using these images.  

..Forgiveness Strengthens Me and My Family- Coloring page


"Help Me, Dear Father"- Children's Songbook pg. 99

"Jesus Said Love Everyone"- Children's Songbook pg. 61


Joseph's Brothers in Egypt- Pictured Scripture Story about 2 minutes long

Living Scriptures Streaming Videos

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Joseph's Reunion