Primary 6 Lesson 22


Primary 6 Lesson 22: Israel and the Brass Serpent- To encourage humility and faith in Jesus Christ.


D&C 4:6- Qualities to have including faith and humility

D&C 104:79- Humble yourselves

Helaman 3:35- Fast and pray and received faith and humility

Mosiah 4:11- Remember God and your own nothingness

D&C 20:37- Humility is a requirement for baptism

D&C 112:10- Be humble and the Lord will answer your prayers

D&C 136:32- Be humble to learn 


"Beautiful Savior"- Children's Songbook pg. 62

"Be Thou Humble"- Hymn #130

"Faith"- Children's Songbook pg. 96

"I Know My Father Lives"- Children's Songbook pg. 5

"Nephi's Courage"- Children's Songbook pg. 120

"I Need Thee Every Hour"- Hymn #98 or listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

"More Holiness Give Me"- Hymn #131 or listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

"When Faith Endures"- Hymn #128

Primary 6 Lesson 22 lesson helps

Lesson Ideas

Faith in Jesus Christ- Coloring Page 

I have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ- Coloring page

Primary 6 Lesson 11 has more ideas for faith activities. 

"Beware of Pride" by President Ezra Taft Benson (former Prophet and President)- The classic talk about pride and humility

That's all I could find for activities guys- share your finds in the comments below!


Faith- A whole lot of videos on Faith


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