Lesson 25: Samson


Remember as you teach LDS Primary 6 Lesson 25: Samson the purpose is to learn as we keep our covenants, we gain spiritual strength

Teaching Thoughts

These are a few bonus ideas- keep scrolling for more!

  • Try holding a mini testimony meeting in your class or challenge them to share their testimony during the upcoming week.
  • Make pretend weights out of balloons for the Attention Activity instead. Ask several different people to try to lift the weights. Underneath you can write a spiritual strengthening activity that it represents. 
  • Use the scripture story posters to help tell this story plus the other activities included in the Red Headed Hostess class packet.

The following are links to LDS.org resources unless otherwise stated.

Teacher Study

"Arise and Shine Forth" by Sister Ann M. Dibbs 

"Keeping Covenants Protects Us, Prepares Us, and Empowers Us" by Sister Rosemary M. Wixom

"Spiritual Whirlwinds" by Elder Neil L. Andersen

"The Strength to Endure" by Elder Richard J. Maynes


We Have Endured Many Things: Spiritual Strength- How one Young Woman gains strength. About 3 1/2 minutes. 

Dare to Stand Alone- A story from President Thomas S. Monson's life. Its about 4 1/2 minutes long

Elder Nelson Talks About Covenants- About 5 minute video on covenants

We Have Endured Many Things: Spiritual Strength (about 3 1/2 minutes)- Young Woman shares how she receives spiritual strength

Spiritual Whirlwinds (about 2 1/2 minutes)- Video made for Elder Andersen's talk about spiritual whirlwinds.


"I Want to Live the Gospel"- Children's Songbook pg. 148

"I Will Be Valiant"- Children's Songbook pg. 162

"Come, Come Ye Saints"- Hymn #30 

"Onward Christian Soldiers"- Hymn #246

"True to the Faith"- Hymn #254


Alma 26:12- The Lord is my strength

D&C 132:4- The new and everlasting covenant

D&C 101:39- When covenant become salt of the earth



My Primary 6 Lesson 25 handouts include

  • Note cards to write each member of your class about a spiritual strength you have noticed (see Preparation in the manual)
  • Pictionary or charade cards as mentioned in the Enrichment activity

Activity Ideas

I Can Keep my Covenant- Booklet to color that has pictures of the covenants we make

A Sacred Promise- Mobile of the covenants you make at baptism

Baptism, My First Covenant- Baptism sheet to fill out

Signs of a Covenant- Match the scriptures to the pictures

Keeping Our Baptismal Covenant- Board Game

What Will Help Me Keep the Promises I Make When I'm Baptized- Poster with answers from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (Quorum of the 12 Apostles)

Temples and Ordinances- Pictures to color of several ordinances and the covenants we make- could make 2 copies and use for Memory or cut up the squares and use them for the words in Hangman.

A Happy People- Pictures to color as you answer to the question how the Holy Ghost can help you keep baptismal covenants.

Coloring Pages

Baptism and Confirmation are Ordinances that Bless My Family

I Can Prepare to be Worth to Go to the Temple

I Will Show My Faith in Jesus Christ by Being Baptized and Confirmed

When I Take the Sacrament I Renew my Baptismal Covenants