Lesson 38: Esther Saves Her People


Remember, the purpose of teaching LDS Primary 6 Lesson 38: Esther Saves Her People is to learn how fasting blesses our lives

Teaching Thoughts

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Teacher Study

"Is Not This the Fast That I Have Chosen?" by President Henry B. Eyring

"The Blessings of a Proper Fast" by Elder Carl B. Pratt

"For Such a Time as This" by Sister Mary Ellen Smoot


Esther- The illustrated scripture story about 3 minutes long

For Such a Time as This- Bible video about 14 minutes long

Caring for the Poor and Needy (about 6 minutes)- Overview of how the church helps others through fast offerings.

Generous Fast Offerings (about 1 minute)- Clip from Elder Wirthlin

Fasting: Philippines Widow (about 2 minutes)- Personal story of a woman showing faith to fast and donate an offering.

Fast Offerings- The Jerry Foote Family (about 2 minutes)- Shows the benefits of a fast offering

Fasting: Simi Valley Widow (about 3 minutes)- A woman explains why it's important that she generously donates each month and how they have helped her.

Fasting: Young Single Adult Ward, Amanda (about 2 1/2 minutes)- How fasting plays a part in her life.

Fasting: Romania, Paun Family (about 3 minutes)- A father teaches his daughter the importance of fasting.


"Faith"- Children's Songbook pg. 96

"In Fasting We Approach Thee"- Hymn #139

"Because I Have Been Given Much"- Hymn #219 (no words online)

"Bless Our Fast, We Pray"- Hymn #138


Daniel 6:13-22- The King fasts for Daniel while he is in the lion's den

Alma 6:6- Gather often to fast and prayer for others

Esther 4:3- The Jews fast with Esther

D&C 88:76- Commandment to fast

D&C 88:119- A house of fasting

D&C 59:13-16- Blessings of fasting


My LDS Primary 6 Lesson 38 handouts include

  • Name signs to put on the children's back as mentioned in the Enrichment Activities. There are a couple of blank ones if you want to do it with past lessons and more children as well.

  • What will you fast for handout- It's so important to have a purpose! The ideas come from the Enrichment Activities plus two blank ones for your class to fill in. The idea is you cut along the vertical dotted lines and rip one off when you are doing it so you can remember.

If you like these helps, please pin it so others can find them too!

Activity Ideas

Queen Esther- Decode the message

Esther- poster about her

Queen Esther- Crossword puzzle or use this one

Esther- Scripture figures to cut out or use these ones that you can color yourself

Esther Pleads with the King- Coloring Page

Fasting and Prayer- Color and put together these movable figures

For Such a Time as This- Bright Idea poster of Esther