Esther Saves Her People


Primary 6 Lesson 38: Esther Saves Her People- To learn how fasting blesses our lives

One of the things that I have noticed my children having problems with is what exactly to fast for. Having the right thing to fast about makes all the difference in the world so I made a handout to write down ideas- the more specific the better. 


"Faith"- Children's Songbook pg. 96

"In Fasting We Approach Thee"- Hymn #139

"Because I Have Been Given Much"- Hymn #219 (no words online)

"Bless Our Fast, We Pray"- Hymn #138


Daniel 6:13-22- The King fasts for Daniel while he is in the lion's den

Alma 6:6- Gather often to fast and prayer for others

Esther 4:3- The Jews fast with Esther

D&C 88:76- Commandment to fast

D&C 88:119- A house of fasting

D&C 59:13-16- Blessings of fasting

Lesson Ideas

Queen Esther- Decode the message

Esther- poster about her

Queen Esther- Crossword puzzle or use this one

Esther- Scripture figures to cut out or use these ones that you can color yourself

Esther Pleads with the King- Coloring Page

Fasting and Prayer- Color and put together these movable figures

For Such a Time as This- Bright Idea poster of Esther

Fasting is such a big part of our lives as Latter-day Saints, however, there isn't much to be found in terms of activities. If you find something, please share it with the rest of us in the comments! 


Esther- The illustrated scripture story about 3 minutes long

For Such a Time as This- Bible video about 14 minutes long 


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