How Private Facebook Groups Work

Our new Facebook Group is off to a great start! Thank you for joining in and giving your input! Since Facebook Groups work a little differently, this post should answer all your questions. If not, please ask them in the comments (chances are someone else has that question too). Facebook Groups require you to Join instead of a Liking a page. Groups allow things to stay private which allows for more discussion. A Closed group (ours) means you have to ask to Join first and only those in the group can see your posts. 

After you join, you are automatically signed up to get notifications. This can be good or bad depending on how much you want to be involved. If you don't want to be notified every time someone posts something then you will want to turn them off. Simply click on the notification box on the group page to change it. You can choose to be notified only when your Friends post or you can turn them off all together. You can also choose to Leave the group at any time by clicking on the Joined button. 

Sometimes when you turn off the notifications it can be hard to find the group again. Facebook often shows you the "Top Stories" instead of all the ones you really want to see. To be involved in the group but not annoyed by it, go to "Manage Your Groups" (see above). Here you can add the groups you want to use most to your Favorites. You can also change your notification settings here by clicking on the gear (see below). If you don't add the Group to your favorites, only the ones you are active on will appear on your menu bar. If you are only in one group, no big deal. However, if you are a part of several groups, you will have to search for your group each time. One easy way to do this is to type the name of the group in the Facebook Search Bar. 

Adding a group to Favorites brings it to the top of your menu making it easier to find. The number next to the group is how many new posts there are since you looked last time. Some groups you may only look at once a week and others every time there is a new post. There are a lot of great groups on Facebook- just type in some key words and you'll find them (like LDS Primary Teachers). 

Many of you want to follow a particular thread and end up adding a comment so you'll get the notifications when others comment. You don't need to do that! Instead of clogging up the thread with a ton of "following" comments, click on the carrot at the top of the thread. It'll show you a drop down menu with the option to turn on notifications for that post. Click it on to listen in or turn it off when you are done teaching that lesson and want to move on. You can also choose the save the link. If you can't head to the link right away, save it for you have time to read it later.

If you are using a Smartphone everything is the same except you click on the bars to get where you need to go.

After you are done with the day's reading, click on our group to share your thoughts, join in some discussion, or ask questions. 

Chicken Scratch n Sniff has 3 Private Facebook Groups. Chicken Scratch n Sniff Private is for discussing all the Priesthood and Relief Society lesson the month they are taught. You'll gain other teaching ideas and support in this group. We'll also do scripture studies around the holidays. LDS Primary Farm is the newest group to discuss all Primary lessons as well as ideas and questions. What's Your Verse is a Private Group based off of Brother Durrant's talk in October 2015 General Conference. Each week we'll share our scriptures that we will be ponderizing as well as tips that work well for us. Come join in any time!