How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Fall is the time for counting blessings. As the leaves change colors, our minds are turned toward those things that are alive and well in our lives. We stop to enjoy the beauty around us and remember all the good. This month, continue to cultivate that attitude of gratitude with a 2 week scripture study. Understand more what true gratitude means, how to develop more grateful habits, and remember those blessings you may forget to name. 


I asked you, my neighbors, anyone I ran into what scripture stories came to mind when you thought about gratitude and was amazed at all the answers you gave. I was truly expecting to hear the same few stories over and over again. Thank you for opening my eyes more. The scriptures are filled with example after example of gratitude while others make you swell with thanksgiving as you read them. In Alma 34:38 it says:

Live in thanksgiving daily! With this mindset, I've created a 2 Week Study all about gratitude- what gratitude really is and how you can apply it in your life. Each day in the study you will find:

  • A song to help set the mood for your study
  • Scriptures or General Conference articles to read
  • A link to a short movie to watch
  • Questions to discuss 
  • Link to a children's activity
  • Quote to share (use the hashtag #livethanksdaily)

Many of your suggestions are included in this study. Thank you for sharing them. As you study these next 2 weeks, you'll develop the attitude of gratitude that we all should have in our lives everyday. Use this study for:

  • Family scripture study
  • Personal study
  • Family Home Evening

This scripture study is no longer available. Please email me if you really need it.