Why You Should Be Using the Faith in God Study Journal {Giveaway!}

I was given a free copy of this study journal to review. My opinions are still my own. Heidi is also sponsoring the giveaway. See my full disclosure and privacy policy. 

The Faith in God program is a wonderful program for 8-11 years old to learn great skills to be successful in life. The problem is it is hard to keep track of what each girl or boy does in their Faith in God book. There aren't spots to sign off an activity yet each child needs to complete at least two in each category each year. Needless to say, if you don't keep track, it gets really confusing! For example, if you are an Activity Days Leader, you have no idea what the girls have already done and what they still need to accomplish. If you are a parent, most of the time you have no clue if your son or daughter completed some of the accomplishments at an activity or if you need to finish something at home. It just confusing! 

That's why it is so great that Heidi from A Lively Hope came up with these great Faith in God Study Journal- one for the boys and one for the girls. Grab a binder and put all these journal pages to good use. Heidi has done a great job. Her journals include pages from help in memorizing the Articles of Faith to prompts to help with goal setting. It is nicely laid out so you can easily skip to the experience you are working on. AND you can tell if the your child has finished that activity (and when). Seriously, it makes things a whole lot easier.

Think about how great these journals would be in your Primary classes too. Instead of just teaching a lesson you can get your whole class to think and study the scriptures. As you help them accomplish their goals,  the class will be open to discussion and have common goals. For example, "Learning and Living the Gospel #3" is all about the Holy Ghost. There is always a Primary lesson on the Holy Ghost. The Journal activity and your lesson would go together perfectly. Your class members will not only leave with a greater understanding of the Holy Ghost but also a sense of accomplishment knowing they have completed an activity in their Faith in God book. How great is that?

My two oldest girls tried out the Faith in God Study Journal. They really liked the helps with the Articles of Faith memorization and all the room to draw. Plus it helped them understand more of what they actually needed to do. At this age, we often just tell them what to do so for them to see and kind of figure things out on their own more is really nice. I love that I can print out a copy for each of them. Once you download your copy, you can print it out as many times as you need for personal or classroom use. That means if you want to buy one for your whole class, you only need to buy the digital copy once than you can print out as many as you need. Love that! Plus if someone loses one, you don't have to buy another. Download the version for the boys here and the girls here.  

Here's the best part of all.... YOU have a chance to win 1 of 2 Faith in God Study Journals. You will pick whether you want the girl or boy version. Thanks to Heidi for providing this giveaway!

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