Leaving Real Imprints in Your Lessons

Special treat today- Lindsey from Real Imprints is sharing a great teaching tip- how to not just teach but leave an uplifting imprint on the hearts of those we do teach. I'm inspired by her and her blog. Their mission is so great. Be sure to check out her site! 

I am so excited to be here at Chicken Scratch n Sniff! I am often in teaching callings and I LOVE creative and faithful people that share their talents so that my calling can be fun and productive! So to say the least, I’m a fan of this place!!!

In the fall of 2013 a “little” idea sparked in this busy brain of mine, a thought that was not my own, but from Heavenly Father, and it has changed and blessed my life forever! It’s been an amazing journey to be on and I hope you will all join me in our journey to leave “Real Imprints” on others hearts, as well as our own. 

On January 31, 2014 we launched a website/organization called Real Imprints (www.realimprints.org).  Our mission at Real Imprints is to uplift, inspire, and empower people as we spread hope and purpose to individuals around the world! Our vision from the beginning has been to create a community of people, friends, and family that live life to inspire and be inspired together!

This is where YOU come in, whether you are a mom, teacher, friend, person, or someone struggling to believe, you can leave imprints! At Real Imprints you will find real and inspiring stories from adults, teens, and kids. Stories of tragedy and triumph, dreams and aspirations, faith and hope! We share inspiring videos and quotes as well as “fill your bucket” things, like good books, uplifting music, service ideas, and humanitarian opportunities. It’s a place that when you leave, you’ll believe that you too can do hard things, you can do good things, and you can live life to its fullest despite your circumstances! Who doesn’t need to feel that, in a world that is so complicated these days?

As we teach in our callings, there are so many times when we want a story to share, a story that the youth, children, or adults can connect with….something they’ll always remember. Something that will leave an imprint on them that they’ll never forget. Real Imprints is full of these stories! I wanted to share a few with you that I’ve seen bless and change lives. There are so many amazing and touching stories, so please visit www.realimprints.org for even more…it’s so hard to just choose a few!

Girls and women have so much pressure to look a certain way, Megan shared her faithful journey of Defeating ED (Eating Disorder). It’s a real and silent struggle for so many.

Ashley had her life all mapped out, but when it all came crashing down on her, she chose to turn to God, to be strong, and to share her faith and journey with others. Her story is unbelievable and will make you believe you can overcome anything! 

Cambri shares how she gained her deep testimony of the atonement when her band instructor gave up her own life, to save her bus load of students. Her story is incredible! 

 It is so important for us, our youth, and children to not only see the good, but be recognized for the good. We watch the news, read papers, and hear what’s trending on this and that and it’s often the negative, the bad, the rude, crude, and horrible. We want to give attention to those overcoming, creating, living, loving, and believing! There is good all around us and we want to recognize and celebrate it!

As we share our stories, aspirations, dreams, realities, struggles, and triumphs, we can connect our paths and learn from the “real” amazing parts of us. We can let go of the need to be perfect right now, celebrate our progress, embrace our lives and circumstances, knowing that we each have a purpose and can make a difference. We believe that as we share the “real” parts of our lives, it will inspire and give hope to so many, leaving imprints in lives and hearts that will last forever. We can help each other! As we do these things, we will feel less judgmental and more love and compassion toward others. As we come together to leave our imprints, let us all remember that there is a God that loves us and will help us along our path!

As we fill our buckets with good and inspiring things, we are more prepared to face our journey, whatever it may be.

I know that each and every person has a purpose.  I know that God loves each of us despite our bumps and bruises, despite our weaknesses, and despite our pride. He sees us for our potential. We want to help others see and believe that they have amazing potential and that their lives can be used to bless and lift others. It’s the happiest way to live. Life is awesome when you’re leaving real imprints!

I was born and raised in the sunny southwest and am the youngest of 6 children. I married young and somehow chose my perfect match! He’s my best friend and still makes me laugh everyday! I graduated from BYU-Idaho with my bachelors degree and the same week became a mama! We’ve since been blessed with 4 fun loving crazy girls that I love and adore! I am the founder of the nonprofit organization, Real Imprints, and hope to leave imprints on people's hearts all over the world! I have a passion for helping and loving others. Each person has so much purpose and potential, and I want others to be able to see and believe that themselves! I love people and believe that with prayer and faith, anything is possible!