Do you need Spiritual CPR?

Are you getting the same 3 answers to all the questions you ask your class? You know the 3 answers I'm talking about- Go to church, Say your prayers, and Read your scriptures. There is a reason these 3 answers fit almost every question- they are important! My husband calls these answers Spiritual CPR. You need them! If you life doesn't seem quite right, give yourself some Spiritual CPR and it's bound to help out. 

However, that doesn't mean these are the only three answers in existence. Expand your student's repertoire by using these tricks:

  • If a class member uses one of these answers he must expand upon the subject with at least 3 additional sentences about why it's the right answer or using a personal experience. Once each letter has been used, it can not be used again this class. 
  • If no one is answering questions in class, teach them Spiritual CPR then hang up the above poster or write CPR on the board to help them start giving answers then grow from there.
  • Are these 3 the answers you really are looking for? Have your students back up their response with a scripture that proves their point. 

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