2017 Primary Theme Resources: Choose the Right

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As the year rolls to an end, make your life easier with these Primary resources for 2017. You can discover the full Sharing Time outline for 2017 on LDS.org. The following are additional resources to help you decorate your rooms, stay organized, plan birthday gifts, and more. Some of the resources are free, others have a fee. They are all beautiful and worth your time.


2017 Primary Presidency Planner Printables

Keep your Presidency organized with these Planner Printables. You can often use the covers in your bulletin board decorations as well.  

Monthly/Yearly Posters

Use the yearly posters for bulletin board decor or inside your binders. Hang the monthly ones in front of the year- it helps when you forget what it is too!

Small Themed Gifts for Birthdays or Baptisms

One of the most often questions I see is about gifts for the Primary. Here is a list of gifts that go with the Primary theme. Consider making the gifts from all of Primary instead of simply the Presidency- you can even ask for help in assembling them- grab some refreshments, put on a favorite LDS movie, and make it a bonding time for your Primary leaders. I know I'd come!


Bulletin Board Decor

Most of the resources I found for Bulletin Board decorations were included in a bundle pack or simple the yearly posters. If I find new ideas later, I'll include them for you here otherwise, see the links in the above categories.

Article of Faith Posters

You always seem to need Article of Faith posters. A lot of LDS lesson include a tie back to them, children have to memorize them in the Faith in God program, and sometimes they are even used as the monthly scripture. 

  • Print my free Article of Faith posters now and always have them ready for whenever you need them. You can print these as 8x10 or as 4x6.
  • Articles of Faith children resources- LDS.org's list of stories, activities, and media to help learn and share the Articles of Faith.
  • Articles of Faith- Primary Symbols- Includes a coloring image for each Article of Faith. Use the graphics to create your own posters and challenges.
  • Article of Faiths Posters- LDS.org has simple images of all the Articles of Faith. I couldn't find one central page so this links to the first one. You can then search the media library from there to find the rest.
  • Articles of Faith Made Easy- Help keep track of which ones your Primary needs to memorize still and give them the helps them need. When they pass off all of them, consider turning them in for a Bishop Buck (at the very bottom of the post).
  • Color your way to memorizing all 13 Articles of Faith. Heidi created some beautiful Articles of Faith coloring pages for those who learn in this creative way.

Choose the Right Coloring Pages and Activities

Use CTR activities for Primary events, ward activities in 2017, inserts in the ward bulletin, or after the Primary Program.

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Lesson Helps

I have several lesson helps available on this site to help you and your teachers in 2017. I'll be going through to update the ones I completed a few years ago but they are available now if you need to get a head start.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Teaching Tips available on this blog as well so you can direct your teachers towards the helpful posts they need.

Emergency Lessons Based on Theme

Always keep an emergency lesson kit around. Start building your kit with these 10 Emergency Lesson Ideas then add a few yearly themed ideas for great back ups any time.

Your Turn- What resources will you be using this year? What else are you looking for?