5 Engaging Games for Your LDS Senior Primary Class

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Do you have one of those LDS classes where no one sits still? Or are you looking to include some fun into your lesson but don't know how to balance it with gospel discussion? Here are 5 great and engaging games that you can easily play with your class. Switch it up each week and still learn about the gospel. Your class will thank you for it.

Remember! Games are a tool to teach the gospel not the other way around! Be sure you are teaching from the scriptures and getting the doctrine across. As you engage and get your class invested in your lesson they become more focused and ready to learn. In fact, it's easier to remember a lot of the answers because you are being interactive! Games are an amazing teaching tool. 

Get the most out of this post by viewing the above video. Here's the outlined version:

  1. Game Upon Game Upon Game- Get their attention and keep it!
  2. Draw Questions from a Bag or Treasure Chest with a Twist
  3. Board Games- Make your own, or buy some on Etsy, or get a book with several games included like this one from Finch Family Games.
  4. LDS Shout Out!- Great to introduce a topic or review. 
  5. Draw on the Board- Earn the right or make it game

Your Turn- What games do you like to play in your LDS Senior Primary class?