10 Emergency LDS Lesson Ideas

Ahhh! You just got a phone call begging you to teach in a couple of hours. How in the world can you whip together a lesson with such short notice? Chicken Scratch n Sniff is set up so you can still pull together an amazing lesson. Each lesson help has articles, ideas, activities, and more to help you quickly assemble a lesson- yes even in 30 minutes. You can find your specific lesson helps by using the search bar in the top of sidebar or by clicking on the correct category in the menu at the top of this page.


However, sometimes you only have a minute instead of hour. Whether your lesson runs short, the teacher is a no show, or it's been one of those weeks, keep one of these ideas in your church bag and you'll always have something ready to go. The ideas below are best for LDS youth and Primary classes. If you need a quick and easy adult lesson, head to my adult helps and start with the list of questions. Since everything is a discussion, it should get you going on the right track!  

Sharing Time Lesson Plans

In the Primary Presidency and filling in as a last minute sub? Keep all your Sharing Time lesson plans as emergency back ups. You've already done the work and if you choose a lesson from a few months back, it'll be a great review not a repeat. Sugardoodle and other Etsy shops have a lot ofplanned Sharing Time Lesson Kits as well as sites like Little LDS Ideas and Life's Journey to Perfection. Print a couple and put all the supplies in ziplocs in your cabinet at church. This way you'll always have something great to give any last minute sub. 

Card Style Games

Games are an excellent educational tool. The whole class relaxes, has some fun, and learns something in the process. Here are some games that can easily fit into a sandwich sized Ziploc so it's easy to carry in your church bag or keep in a church cabinet.

  • LDS Shout Out!- Each topic card has 10 target answers to guess. Pick the topics that are more appropriate for your class and play a round or two. There are two ways to play and you can always give plenty of hints. After you guess all the answers, discuss them! See what your class already knows and what blanks you can fill in. 
  • Rise and Shout carries several easy to play LDS card games that are great for the younger classes.
  • Church History Taboo Card Game from Time Savors is great for Senior Primary this year.

Faith in God Progress

Did you know as a Primary Teacher you are have the responsibility of supporting the Faith in God program? A lot of the lessons allow you the opportunity to memorize the Articles of Faith, a requirement for the program. Use one of these other Faith in God activities when you need something more. 

  • Article of Faith Tournament- By the end of this tournament your class should have several articles passed off.
  • Faith in God Study Journal- Pick a page or two to work on together- you can work on a whole value or use the Article of Faith memorization pages to pass off a few during class. There is both a boy and girl study journal.
  • Open your own book and pick one value to work on. A lot of them are scripture studies or activities that would make a great lesson. 

Bingo and Matching Games

The great thing about Bingo boards is they can easily be transformed into a matching game. Make both versions for easy additions to any lesson. Laminate your boards for long lasting use.

LDS bingo cards make great lesson additions and can even help with last minutes lesssons! #Mormon #LDS
  • Choose the Right Bingo- Turn on some church music and have everyone color their own Bingo Board during the first 5 minutes of your lesson then start playing! Ask the questions in a manual from lessons already taught to make a great review. If they get the question right, everyone can mark the space. If not, then they have to put it back. (Pssttt... I also have Bible Bingo and LDS Bingo). 
  • Siblings Bingo- Great way to encourage love in families and that families are forever. 
  • LDS Apostle Bingo- Help your class get to know the apostles and prophets Bingo with this free version (plus more ways to play). 

Pictionary or Charades

Open up the lesson manual and pick a few key words and phrases from the lesson. You can whisper the words to the person or quickly jot down a few on some scrap paper. Remember to get a whiteboard marker from the library if you are playing pictionary. When someone guesses the correct answer, take a minute to explain the word or phrase. Need more ideas for what to draw? Get 100+ ideas in my LDS Pictionary version. Also discover these 5 other ways to use LDS Pictionary cards for lots of fun and learning. 

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are extremely versatile. Try one of these 10 ideas to stretch these coloring pages to the max or use these 6 more ideas for a twist on your next lesson. Bonus- Coloring is a great stress reliever so don't just watch, do some coloring too. Here are a few of my favorite coloring pages:

  • Color Like a Chicken Coloring Book- These are ones that I've made throughout the years. Print them out as many times as you need for your family or class.
  • Scripture Stories Coloring Book: Book of Mormon- This coloring book from the church includes an  activity on every page too. There is also one for the Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants, and Family History now. You can buy them through distribution or print out a few pages at LDS.org. 
  • LDS Printable has amazing coloring pages for the older ages. You can buy one specific coloring page or the whole book. My daughters and I love it for coloring any time too. 
  • A Lively Hope is another one of my favorite LDS coloring pages illustrators. 

Board Games

Grab any board game from home and add questions straight from the manual or prepare one of these LDS game boards. Put all the pieces in ziplocs to make it easy to grab any time. 

Guess Who

Is the lesson you are supposed to cover several key people? Make it a game. Give a few clues based off the material in the manual. If they still can't guess, try drawing it out or giving the scripture reference. Try one of these other versions of a Guess Who style game as well:

Scripture Study Ideas

Continue to dive into the scriptures as you use these ready for you scripture studies.

  • Book of Mormon Discussions- These discussion allow for a easy flowing lesson in a moment's notice. Some questions are more light hearted to keep the conversations running while others take serious contemplation. 
  • General Conference Discussions- Discuss the latest General Conference talks- head to my General Conference section on the blog and pick a talk. There are ideas to start discussions and a great list of questions you can review together. 
  • Complete Church History and D&C Stories- Quizzes, easy to read stories, and games making it easy to give a lesson in no time.
  • Names of Christ Flipbook- 72 names and titles. Go over a few for an emergency lesson or pick one to review when you have extra time.
  • Understanding Prayer Flipbook- 4 scripture stories that can be used any time to further study this spiritual tool. Grab some crayons from the library and have some coloring fun too. 
  • Understanding Lehi's Dream: A Scripture Study Journal for Kids- Your lesson outline is done for you. Go through the journal question by question to learn more about Lehi's Dream. Use the flashcards or matching game for more review. 
  • The History of the Bible Flipbook- It's always a great time to appreciate the Bible more. Use this flipbook from The Redheaded Hostess to guide your lesson.
  • Favorite Scripture Handouts- There are several free scripture printable on my blog that allow you to focus a lesson on key scriptures. Some of these make great object lessons, others perfect mini lessons. Print out a few to use any time you need.


If all else fails, church videos are great. You can download several from LDS.org on a thumbdrive that you keep in your bag or use the LDS media app. When you need it, you can grab a TV with a Roku from the library and plug it in. Your church library also has several church videos that you can use. I love the Bible videos as well as the new Children's Bible Videos. 

Please remember, whatever you choose, be sure it is a church approved. Some of these activities listed are already LDS approved resources. Others you may need to pass by your Primary Presidency first.