You've Been Called to Teach LDS Junior Primary... Now What?

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Congratulations! You have the opportunity to teach some of the sweetest spirits at church. It's a calling that takes preparation and prayer as you seek to discover what works best for your classroom. It can be extremely intimidating but also very rewarding. If you've never taught young children, you'll want to be sure to not only make The Basics of teaching LDS Junior Primary habits but also keep the ideas featured in the video below in your teaching tool belt. The following ideas are focused on 4-6 year olds, however, they can easily be adapted to the older nursery classes as well as the rest of Junior Primary.

The Basics

  1. Eye Contact- It makes a big difference! That means you need to work off an outline and memorize the stories you want to tell.
  2. Drinks and Bathroom Breaks- Get them out of the way as you head to your classroom after sharing time or schedule them into the middle of your class.
  3. Short Home Visits- A visit makes a big impact at this age. Even better, mail notes throughout the year- especially for their birthday.
  4. Enthusiasm! 
  5. Dress for the Job- Remember to wear something that allows you to get down on the floor easily. Also keep in mind bending over.
  6. Break It Up- Every 5 minutes is great for the youngest class. You can stretch it out as they mature.
  7. Use Your Room- If you have a large enough space split your room up into different areas. One part for sitting still and listening, another for more wiggling movements, etc.

10 Activities You Can Use

See the video for the full ideas and explanations with bonus tips.

  • Hide and Peek Pictures (starts at 7:15)
  • Matching Games (starts at 8:12)
  • Glue! Don't be afraid of it! (starts at 9:09)
  • Talk about their favorite subject, themselves! (starts at 10:27)
  • Sequencing Activities (starts at 11:16)
  • Snack Necklaces with Handouts (starts at 12:56)
  • File Folder Games and Interactive Handouts- I love looking around on Etsy for great file folder games from places like Green Jell-O with Carrot and Kimberly Bourne Designs. (starts at 13:57)
  • Make Actions for Everything (starts at 17:03)
  • Animated Storytelling with Props (starts at 17:41)
  • Backup Fillers- Playdoh, bubbles, simple games, Primary Wiggle songs (Children's Songbook pg. 252-285) (starts at 18:41)
  • Bonus tip: Go Beyond the Coloring Page- See these 10 Unique Ideas as well as 6 More Ways to Use the Same Coloring Page.

Your Turn- What have you found that works well with teaching LDS Junior Primary? What is something you wish you knew a long time ago?