"Mormon Origami" Book Review

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 Have you seen the book "Mormon Origami" by Todd Huisken in bookstores yet?  I've been having lots of fun with this book!  The  book is divided up into 3 categories: Church History, Book of Mormon, and Temples.   Although you may have seen a couple of these designs before (like the shirt and tie),  the creativity behind this book is amazing!  I love all the different temples you can make!

Some great ways to use this book:

1. Sacrament Meeting- Keep those little ones quiet and busy (plus you already have a piece of paper if you grabbed the program).

2. Church Lessons- How fun would this be in a whole lot of church lessons!  You could do object lessons with these, use them as props for some lessons, or teach kids how to do some.  If you are teaching kids how to do them, I would keep it 8 years old and up just because origami itself can be tricky.  My 9 year old totally did the Level 1 origami just fine.

3. Family Home Evening- Great activity for FHE!  Make lots of different designs and display them all together or make one design and create a chain (origami Pioneer Handcart chain anyone?)

4. Cards- You could easily use the shirt and tie origami as a Father's Day card or use the CTR one for a child getting baptized.

5. Gift- Buy some origami paper to go with "Mormon Origami" and you have a great gift that will be used for a long time (and not just some toy to add to the pile).

6. YM/YW Activities- Let's face it, not everyone wants to play basketball every Wednesday night.  Try some Mormon Origami instead.  You could then write little notes of inspiration or encouragement on each and give them out.


7.  Visiting Teaching-Make a temple one and write a quote from the lesson.  Its fun and different and if she has little kids, they will be super impressed.

8. Missionary Letters-Write your letter and fold it before sending or slip one in with a scripture written on it.





And obviously many other ways.  I've really been having lots of fun with "Mormon Origami."  I'm only skilled enough in origami to do Level 1 and Level 2 but one of these days I'm going to get to Level 3 and do Angel Moroni or the Nephite temple!  Each category has several designs per level to try.  I made a couple with Origami paper, some with just regular paper that I cut into a square, and some with scrapbooking paper.  Its better to use origami paper for the more difficult designs just because it involves lots of folding but the other ones are just fine with regular paper (and some are just more fun when they are bigger).  I find the directions are fairly simple to follow although I did have my moments of frustration.  However, I believe my frustrations are due to my inexperience in origami in general, not necessarily this book.  "Mormon Origami" is a book I'll be using over and over (including in my YW lesson this week!).  There are also little fun facts in the top corners of this book which just makes it's that much more fun.

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