Young Women's Lesson: Why do we have adversity?

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Its my month to teach Young Women's.  In our ward, we switch who teaches every month since you can pick whichever lesson you want to teach thus making it difficult to off every other Sunday.  I really like this schedule though, makes its nice to have a month off.  My point being, I'm not doing lesson helps every month.  I don't have the time.  However, when I do, I'll share what and how I'm thinking.  You may also want to check out this Why Do We Have Adversity lesson packet from The Redheaded Hostess. She always has great materials.

Young Women's Lesson: Why do we have adversity?- for all the scriptures, articles, and videos to build your lesson around. 

We gave our  Beehives a notebook last year that we used during our lessons.  It was okay.  Not great, not awful.  This year, we are continuing to use our notebooks but much more purposefully.  If I don't give them at least some detailed instructions, they end up drawing all class long instead.  Believe me, I know- I sit behind them all every other month.  So with that in mind but also wanting them to personalize it, I came up with the following journaling activities.  If your Young Women have journals, you can simply print out some of the handout below to give them an example of what you want the notebooks to look like.  If you don't have notebooks, print out the documents for everyone.

I'm trying to focus a bit more on the scripture references with this lesson- something that I've been feeling is needed lately but have some quotes from the article "I Will Not Fail Thee, nor Forsake Thee" by President Thomas S. Monson.

To print the charts, click on the image you want.

This is the chart that I want my Young Women to make in their journals.  The last row is for them to write down what things they can learn from these women and their stories.  

These are the answers I came up with but I'm curious to see what they will come up with as I know there is always more than one answer.

On the next page of our notebooks, the YW will write 3 scriptures down.  I want them to briefly summarize each scripture after reading it to themselves- write down key words or phrases.  Then I will give them the following quotes from President Monson's talk to match up with the scriptures.  

Please note that the fancier quoted lines actually go with the chart activity.  After the end of the activity, I will hand them that quote to paste on their charts as well.  The idea is to get them reading their scriptures, understanding the words, and reading the words of the prophet today to see how they go hand and hand. Actual answers may vary but as long as they can tell me, why it's great.

And finally, I'll have them copy down this homework assignment.  This month I will be giving treats out (not necessarily candy but sometimes it is) for those that have completed their assignment.  The hope is to encourage those that may forget or aren't as motivated to at least try.  This homework will hopefully bring discussion the following week that can lead into our next lesson.

Grab the rest of the notes and homework for this lesson here.