Scripture Relay Activity Night

After a few Sundays of teaching this year, I realized we needed to have a lesson that got the girls into the scriptures. They needed to not be afraid to open them or afraid to look around in them. So I took some shredded paper and got started on our Scripture Relay Race!

  1. Write scripture references down on colored paper. Also choose matching phrases for each scripture. Be sure to make an answer key! You will want to create two copies (or as many teams as you are planning) for each scripture reference.
  2. Fill two big tubs (or more) with all the shredded paper you can. Don't pack it down or you'll have lots of paper to clean up at the end of the night. (I did all of this at the church to contain the mess to one area)
  3. Hide the scripture references in the shredded paper- mix well! They are supposed to dig through it!
  4. Write or put up the phrases that you chose to go with the scripture references. All I did was bring a white board marker and number them on the board. Then I wrote the numbers on both sides of the board for the teams to match up their references. 
  5. Set up a spot for scriptures. I used something that was tall enough so they didn't have to bend down too much when looking things up. I asked the Presidency to bring scriptures that night to use.
  6. Divide into teams and start! 
  7. Teams have to race to the bins at the other side of the room and find a slip of paper with a scripture on it. I threw two blank ones into the tub (accidentally) which was kind of fun too. The rule is you can't just dumb the paper or you'll be sent to the back of the line and the next person goes. You have to clean up your mess before moving on.
  8. After finding the slip with a scripture reference they must go look it up (if its one they think they know, they are welcome to skip this part but it may cost them later).
  9. Read the scripture and find the corresponding phrase that goes with it. Tape it (or have magnets handy) to the matching number on your team's board. Run back and tag the next person in line (or have each racer wear a hat and transfer hats to the next person)
  10. Rearranging the scriptures later is allowed. After everyone has gone the team can double check the references and make any changes together. First team to sit down in their spot gets an extra point.
  11. One point is given for each right answer.
  12. Winners get to: Serve the losing teams refreshments (service night), pick who says the closing prayer, not clean up all the extra pieces of paper, or take a victory lap around the room while the others give them high fives and cheer for them (its surprising how much fun this one is). 

That's it! Its a blast. Easy to lengthen out with more scriptures or keep it short with one a piece. I got our scriptures from the lesson I taught that previous Sunday- it was a nice review. The shredded paper vacuums up well so don't worry about clean up and you can just throw it all away when you are done!

Did you try it? I love to hear how it goes? Leave me a comment below or pin this for later!