10 Smart Ways to Keep the Summer Bores Away

Within days if not hours you start to see the signs- silly squabbles between siblings, whining has kicked up an octave, and the blank stares leave something to admire. Your kids have succumbed to summer boredom. Help them out of their summer rut with these 10 clever ways:


1. Craft Boxes

Kids love crafts- boys as well as the girls- whether it's putting together a robot or making a dreamcatcher. Mine love digging through our craft closet and coming up with new creations. However, there are also times when they need new ideas and supplies. Kid craft box subscriptions have really saved the day for us on more than one occasion (especially on those rainy afternoons). The craft boxes contain everything your children will need. Kiwi has a lot of great options. I really like that they offer Tinker and Doodle boxes in addition to their other lines because they are great for the older kids. They really do keep you entertained... at least for one day! 


2. Tour Your Town

Be a tourist in your own town. When was the last time you saw your town's most well-known landmarks? Make room in your calendar to go see them again. Schedule a tour at a fire station or make pizza at your favorite restaurant. You can get a lot of behind the scenes tours for free if you just ask. Next time you are going to see a play, ask to see behind the stage after. Check out this post about Fun Summer Learning for more local tour ideas. Remember to take advantage of online sites like Groupon too. You can often get discount admissions to local museums and other historical landmarks (even season passes) for cheap. Make your Staycation really stand out with these great printables and activity ideas from The Dating Divas!

3. Summer Studies

Continue your children's education by combining your daily scripture study with some other educational aspects. Teach your family what it really means to study the scriptures. There are all kinds of great study journals and tools you can use to enhance your whole family's study. I always have a few book recommendations on my Amazon Influencer page but here are so others that we love: 

Want a more fun way to tackle learning? This year I'm motivating my kids to do their personal scripture study with my Bingo boards. Once they get a blackout, they get to pick something from my treasure chest. It worked so well that I had to set additional rules like you can only cross out 3 squares a day and there must be at least 30 minutes between study sessions. Ha, ha! Not even a month into summer and I had to restock the treasure chest! Use these fun games to keep the learning going too: 

4. Writing Station

Cut out some comics, order some photo prints, write some journal prompts (my Book of Mormon Discussions are great for this!) and put them in a jar. Set up a table with all the supplies and let people come as they want. Write letters to Grandma and Grandpa, journal about the week's fun, go down memory lane with some old photos. Remember to put out some stickers, stamps, and other fun things to get creative. Encourage your children to keep a journal or make something to cheer another up. This open invite table works really well with an art theme too. 

5. Books to Color and Books that Fly

Coloring is all the rage these days. I'm a huge fan of Usborne Books. I bought several coloring and sticker books at Christmas and we LOVE them. I recommend their Big Books of Drawing Doodling and Coloring for the most variety that will please everyone (even you). My 3 and 5 year old boys love the robots and snake pages while my 10 year old loves the more complicated coloring pages. I also highly recommend their 200 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly. That's a whole week of fun right there.

Plus remember to check out my LDS coloring pages you should know about it- they are great for Sundays (and any day). 

6. Do a Little Good in the World

Skip the bored jar and make a service jar instead. It's sure to change bad attitudes around and get hands busy. Head over to Sheila's blog, Pennies of Time for loads of ideas suitable for all different ages. Her family is amazing! You can also grab one of my family fun service packs to have fun and serve your neighbors. We love doing the Ice Cream Truck service every summer! Plus, I'm sharing new service ideas all the time on my blog with free printables to help you out. Just search "service" to find one you like! 

7. Go on an Adventure

Plan a trip easily with Get Away Today. There is a ton of summer fun to be had all around the country including at the world's most famous theme parks. There are always fun things going on over at Disney. Check out all the specials going on right now from Get Away Today here AND get an extra $10 off with my code: SCRATCHNSNIFF. 

8. Dance, Dance

Set an alarm on your phone for random times throughout the next week. Whenever it goes off everyone has to stop what they are doing and dance to at least 1 song. I love Amazon Prime Music for this so the song is always a surprise but still to our tastes and controllable. Need a longer break? Play freeze dance or grab the bubble wrap and dance until all the bubbles are popped! (Seriously, bubble wrap helps lift everyone's mood!)

Did you know your Google Home can help you with your dance parties? You can do games like Freeze Dance or simply use their music for extra fun. We love using it for that!

9. Exercise

Get some balls, cones, and other active equipment. Have your kids take turns making obstacle courses and relays. Go on a bike ride, walk, head to the local pickle ball courts, or have some other family fun. Getting out and active is sure to lift everyone's spirits. Jazz up your walks by letting a different person pick which way you go when you're come to an intersection or pretend you are on a wild safari. We also play the quarter game now. Pick one thing that will be seen on your adventure but not seen too much. When someone sees it, they get the quarter. Whoever, is left with the quarter at the end, gets to keep it. 


10. Get to Know Your Family Line

Grab your family together and learn more about your family tree. Learn how to index and do other family history work. After one short class, many youth can continue forward by themselves. Discover your famous ancestors or see a map of where your line original came from. There all kinds of fun ways to dive into family history. Don't know where to start? Write your own history or check out this introduction post.


And if that's not enough, try this Summer Boredom Buster. It's full of activities for kids! After a busy day of fun, relax with a movie. Why not make it a LDS related? Here's a list of the favorite LDS themed movies and how you can watch them.