4 Great Family Home Evenings for April

What are you doing for Family Home Evening this month? With Easter and General Conference there is a lot of great learning opportunities and a lot of fun to be had.


General Conference Review

Get out your notes and review with your family what struck you about this past General Conference. Use the Jeopardy game from Cranial Hiccups or use the General Conference questions available in the lesson helps to spark conversation. Either way, share your testimony of living prophets. Remember the cinnamon rolls or ice cream sundaes for the treat. 


Have a lesson focused on the Prince of Peace, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Begin with the video on Mormon.org then use the eggs in my post about peace to further discuss each principle and take the challenge to incorporate each principle in your life. Then spread the message and peace with the bigger sized #PRINCEofPEACE eggs. End with your favorite Easter dessert or Jell-O eggs! 

Mystery Words

Try to discover what the words pictured on each cards are in this fun Mystery Words game (12 free cards) or use my 50+ LDS themed cards. Repeat the activity 3 or 4 times then ask your family if it was easier to figure out the answers the last time or the first time. Why do you think the Lord wants us to read the scriptures so often? Why do you think we are supposed to read the words of the prophets again even though we just heard them earlier this month? The more we read our scriptures, the more we are able to understand. End the night with sugar cookies cut into letters and shapes and make your own Mystery Words.  

Family History Games

As you focus on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ this month, focus on what it means for your family...your eternal family. Get to know your ancestors by playing one of these 7 family history games for FHE tonight. Read a story from ancestor for your lesson and talk about how you can carry on righteous traditions and be a strong link in your family line. For more fun discussion ideas, try these Family History Dinner Discussions. End with a family dessert recipe and share your memories of it.