The Latter-day Saint App that Will Change Your Life

I know, it's a cheesy title  but it's true. The Deseret Bookshelf app will change your life... if you let it. Why? Because with Deseret Bookshelf PLUS you can listen to UNLIMITED Latter-day Saint books. Unlimited! As you listen to books that expound on the atonement, offer new perspectives on old scriptures, and keep you entertained while you learn, it will change your life. Because that's what good books do- they help you think out of the box, ponder more deeply, and help you become a better person. 


Use the app to help you prepare a church lesson (great for Come Follow Me), to get spiritually fit as your exercise, and to help strengthen your family. Many of the materials I recommend in Teacher Studies and Study Suggestions are from Deseret Bookshelf PLUS. There are so many great audio and eBooks in the app, you are sure to find great content for you and your family. 

How Deseret Bookshelf PLUS Works

Deseret Bookshelf is an app you may already have. You can purchase books and access some free church materials like the scriptures and General Conference talks. Deseret Bookshelf PLUS is a subscription service that gives you access to all the audiobooks and most of the eBooks. You can try Deseret Bookshelf PLUS out for 30 days free. After that subscribe monthly or yearly with more savings in the yearly option. You save EVEN MORE when you have a Platinum Rewards Membership. In fact, it's cheaper to buy a Platinum Reward Membership AND the Yearly Membership than it is to buy the yearly membership without it. Platinum membership gives you some other nice perks as well making it even nicer.

After you subscribe, download the app (iOS and Android) if you don't already have it and get started. Any books with the PLUS banner is included in your subscription. There are audio tags as well so you can tell the difference between an eBook and an audio book. At the bottom of the app you can easily return to any markings you've made as you have read- perfect for talk and lesson prep. 

If you are listening at home, it will download one chapter at time. However, if you want to take this on a road trip (which you will), you can download the entire thing before you go so you don't have to worry about connecting. EBooks are already downloaded completely when you open it.

What We've Been Listening To

There are eBooks but honestly, I don't have time to read. I DO have time to listen though. I listen while I blog, fold laundry, and clean the bathrooms, exercise, etc. My whole family loves Deseret Bookshelf PLUS so sometimes we'll even listen while we color on a Sunday afternoon. My 12 year old daughter uses it to read at night. My husband listens to books while he works and cooks. It's the multitaskers best friend. Here are some of our favorite finds:

  • Youth Speakers- As a family this is what we listen to the most together. Audio talks from Hank Smith, Brad Wilcox, Eric Richards, and John Bytheway to name a few. It's been a great way to laugh together as well as discuss important gospel principles.

  • Series- My kids are loving "Fablehaven" while I enjoyed "Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites" (all 12) and the Gerald Lund books.

  • Gospel Topics- I just finished listening to “Insights from a Prophet’s Life: Russell M. Nelson” by Sheri Dew. It was so interesting! "The Power of the Everyday Missionary" is always a favorite as well as "The Continuous Atonement" (Brad Wilcox) and "The Infinite Atonement" (Tad R. Callister). "Lectures on Faith" and "The Joseph Smith Papers" are available as well.

  • Adult Speakers- Michael Wilcox is one of my favorites as well as Mary Ellen Edmunds, Sheri Dew, and Wendy Watson Nelson. They have Time Out Classics and some Women's Conference items too. I also loved "No Ordinary Women" (Elaine S. Dalton).

  • Church Materials- General Conference talks, the scriptures, etc. are always free whether you subscribe to PLUS or not.

I could go on an on. There are biographies, books from the prophets, cookbooks, and other great novels. There are books to help you with your church lessons, parenting, marriage, and so much more. 

Try 30 Days Free

The best part is you can use it for 30 days free! Try it out for yourself and see what I mean. Use it every day for the next 30 days and see what impact it has on your life.