4 Things You need to Teach Your kids this Summer

We received free admission to the park. All opinions are 100% my own. See the full disclosure.

School is out and you now have 100% of the responsibility to teach your children. What are you are going to teach them? How will you teach your kids so it'll stick? Without a doubt, you need to teach your children these 4 things this summer and continue to remind them every summer thereafter. 


Kids learn better when they are having fun. When you're having fun, you don't even have to think about learning it- you just do. It's one of the reason we love This Is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. We go every time we are in Utah- my Mom and the kids both beg to go. I love going because as we go throughout the Park, we learn these 4 valuable lessons. If you haven't been before, be sure to put it on your bucket list! It's a big place to explore with a whole lot of fun. They even have a splash pad to take a cooling off break. 

Never Stop Learning

Learning doesn't stop when school is out. You should be learning at least one new thing every day! Head over to This Is the Place Heritage Park to kick off the learning fun. Try to walk on stilts, learn how to spin wool, discover why barber pools have red and white stripes, learn from the Blacksmith (and get a cool mini sword perfect for your Legos). There are so many things to learn at the Park including pioneer history. Spend at least one day here soaking it all in. If you live nearby, I highly recommend getting a season pass

What are your children interested in? Summer is the perfect time to tailor learning to their particular interests. Foster that excitement and help them to want to keep learning- not just now but for their whole lives. 

Remember How to Play

After hours inside every day, remind your children how to play again. Get them outside and away from the electronics. Sometimes it takes more than saying, "Go outside and play." Actually show your children how to play again- they need new ideas. At This Is the Place Heritage Park we learned a new Native American dance, panned for gold, played in a tiny village, and enjoyed all sorts of pioneer games. You can keep the fun going because you can play a lot of the same things back at home. Looking for some fun family games to play together? Here are 12 games you need to know about. After all, you need to play too. 

Chores Can be Fun

Yes, it's actually true, chores can be fun- even laundry. When we aren't focusing on all that has to be done and simply enjoy the process, it's not so daunting. At This Is the Place Heritage Park, my kids beg to do laundry! It's fun because they all work together and there isn't any of the pressure like at home. Here's the best part though, after we did laundry at the Park, my kids now keep asking to the laundry at home. They still enjoy it!

What other things can you do to make the daily chores more fun? When I was a child, my Mom would put quarters in certain areas of the house. If we did our job well, we would find them and get to keep that extra reward. You've never seen kids clean so well so fast! A race against the clock is always fun too. Kids like it because they can see the end and anyone can clean for 5 minutes. Parents like it because it's amazing how much can actually get done in 5 minutes with a little motivation. Try this Ice Cream Truck idea for an extra incentive.

Always Be Full of Gratitude 

As you remember the past, you learn to more fully appreciate the present. A life full of gratitude is a life full of happiness. Teach your children about the early pioneers. How did they spend their days? At This Is the Place Heritage Park you can learn about how they made clothes, where they went for medical help, how the lived. As you learn the history at the Park, you can't help but be filled with gratitude- gratitude for all that the early pioneers did for you and gratitude for all you have now. Get a journal and start writing why you are thankful for each new day. 

Keep the fun going at home with my Be like a Pioneer Family Fun Day Packet! 7 catergories full of Pioneer fun to keep the lessons and fun going throughout the year.