5 Ideas to Help You Continue to Serve

Just because December is over, doesn't mean we can't continue to #LIGHTtheWORLD. Keep service the focus of your family's life with one of these 5 ideas. The free service packet at the end of this post includes tags, cards, and more to help you along the way.


Warm Up the Cold

Grab some hot cups with lids and make some hot chocolate for the school crossing guards, construction workers, or whoever you normally see outside for long periods of time. Buy a pair of extra gloves or an extra pack of socks to hand out to those in need in your community. Bring a blanket to a friend who is always cold. Use my Warm Wishes label to wrap around the cups and gifts to spread a little extra cheer.

Visit the Lonely

Who could use a little company this month? Schedule a day to visit some people in your neighborhood. Bring a card with you to leave an extra message behind or mail one to those that are too far to visit in person. I made six different cards for you to use including one that a child can use to invite a lonely friend at school over to play. 

Cheer Up the Sad

One of the quickest ways to bring a smile to someone else's face is by sending a kind text. Don't know what to say? I've got you covered with over 25 ideas included in the service packet download at the bottom of this post. The best ones come straight from the heart with specific examples and offers to help. 

Help the Sick

Head to the hospital or stop by a sick friend's house to bring a little cheer and help. If you want to bring a gift to those that may be sick for a while, here are few things that I found helpful when I was in the hospital for months:

  • Cleansing towelettes- Baths aren't always as regular as one would like in the hospital so anything to feel a little refreshed is welcomed!

  • Games! I loved games that I could get out when my family was visiting- simple enough so I could play when I didn't feel well but still fun. Games that you can play by yourself are also a welcomed distraction. Just remember, there is only so much room in a hospital so card games might be a better fit (think Uno, Sleeping Queens, or Exploding Kittens)

  • Anything you can easily do with your hands like coloring, simple origami (I love the Mormon origami books), puzzles that fit on a small table, etc.

  • Pillow cases- These brings a little bit of home and love into an otherwise dull hospital room. You can even donate some homemade pillow cases to the pediatric oncology unit.

  • Food! I always welcomed any warm edible food in the hospital. Ask them what they would like beforehand though especially since many will have a special diet they will need to follow. Or better yet, give them a gift card to order food when it's good for them. You can call the hospital to see who delivers or check out Google maps to see what's around and call the restaurants to ask yourself. I loved this option.

Avoid the traditional flowers as lot of people in a hospital aren't actually allowed to have them in their room- it's a health safety issue. Whatever you bring, attach one of my tags to help the person you are visiting know they are in your prayers.

Love Your Neighbor

Winter time brings a great opportunity to serve your neighbors. Head outside early on a snowy morning to shovel your own walk and your neighbor's too or clean off their car for them. Don't get snow in your neck of the woods? Rake leaves, pull weeds, mow their lawn, or do some other yard maintenance when you're outside. It doesn't take that much longer to do your neighbor's when you are already out doing your own. Leave a note behind anyomously or with a kind note from you.

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