5 Ways to Gift a Tie so It's Not Boring

I was given three of these ties to check out. See my full disclosure.

A tie is a great gift- so great I bet all of you have given at least one tie in your life. In fact, it may seem that ties are given all too often that you are afraid to give one away now as you don't want to be the "boring" gift giver. Never fear! Here are 5 great ways you can gift a tie so it's not boring.  


Keep these gift giving methods in mind for Father's Day, graduations, mission farewells and homecomings, and so much more! 

Make Sure There Is Meaning Behind It

A tie is simply a tie unless there is meaning behind it. That's why The Town + Co ties are so great. They are beautiful skinny ties that have a small symbol on the bottom to remind you of some place important. With The Town + Co ties you can easily remember a mission, those grueling but great college years, or where your first child was born. The meaning is sewn right in! Plus when they wear the tie and someone asks about the symbol, they have a great story to tell.

Sew a Message on the Back

Make the tie all the more personal by sewing a patch on the back with your initials. You can hire someone to do it professionally or raid your fabric closet. Patches are great because no one else will see it but the person wearing it. It gives you a little hidden message and they will think of you every time they put it on. If you are the one sewing it on, be careful to only sew it on the one layer so you don't mess up the rest of the tie! 

Tie It Around Something Else

I love this gifting method because it's already makes your gift stand out. Ties make great ribbon and you can display the symbol from The Town + Co ties nicely on the front. Know a missionary that is coming home soon? Wrap 10 Questions to Answer After Serving a Mission by Benjamin Hyrum White with a tie from where they served as the perfect homecoming gift. 

Turn It into Money

I've seen straight up money ties before but what if you kept the real tie with it? It's easy to wrap some bills around an existing tie and you can leave the bottom open so the receiver can instantly enjoy both gifts. How fun would it be to receive this?! This would make such a great graduation or wedding gift!

Location, Location, Location

Plan the perfect spot to give your special someone their tie. Go for a hike in the mountains, head out to a special dinner, or find the spot where you first met THEN give the tie. This allows you to incorporate new meaning into the gift plus gives you a chance to give the gift of time as well.