Have a Relative Race Party with Free Printables

Have you seen the BYUtv show, Relative Race? It's a great show where four teams race to discover new relatives and win a cash prize. It's got challenges, and suspense, and all kinds of great emotion as people discover new family. It's the perfect family show.


Relative Race third season starts Sunday, March 4. Celebrate it with these great free printables! Start by heading to the Relative Race website to get to know this season's teams then pull out your Predictor sheet and guess who will come in first and who will get the first strike. You can write your answer on the chart then cover it with the correct answer using my tabs.

Never seen the show before? I made an extra Predictor sheet for the first two seasons! Head to BYUtv now and catch up!

Next, choose the team you want to cheer for and make your team's flag! There are even matching popcorn boxes to help you in your snacking endeavors and a race banner for you to hang by your TV. 

Remember, BYUtv is available online or use a Roku (this one works well) to get the channel on your TV. It starts at 7pm MT every Sunday night making it the perfect family Sabbath activity. As you get inspired to connect with your own family, check out these great Family History resources.