Sharing Goodness through Free Mint Candy Wrappers

February 19 is Chocolate Mint day- what a great excuse to spread a little goodness with a fun treat! Use these three mint wrappers to share some encouragement and compliments.



Grab a box of Junior Mints (or something similar in size) and attach this encouraging label. Since you get little pieces of chocolate mint goodness throughout the box, the note says, "A little encourage'mint' coming your way." On the back side of the label it has encouraging notes like "You can do it!"

This would be a great gift for someone that has a big test or tournament coming up or even if they are getting ready to teach their first Church lesson. Add your own encouraging words to make it complete!

Note: The box pictured is the 3.5 oz sized box of Junior Mints. If you use the smaller box, simply trim the excess label at the top. 


Because miniature York Peppermint Patties are easy to grab, use the note that says, "Take a compli'mint.'" The back side says, "You're smart!" You can easily add on your own compliment as well. These are great to sneak into lunch bags, lockers, and into hands of friends.

Do you know someone who prefers to keep their chocolate and mint separate? Head for the circle tins of mints instead (like Ice Breakers Duo). There are three different labels with a different compliment such as, "You're swell." You can put one on front and another on the back for extra fun. Remember to add your own compliment too! 

Please pin this so others can find them too!

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