Discovering Family History Around the Dinner Table

How do you make family history apart of your daily life? How do you get your entire family excited about it? One way is to make it a part of your normal routine. Bring Family History to your dinner table! 


Use these Family History Dinner Discussions to get the conversation started. Topics range from talking about your ancestors to thinking about what kind of history you'd like to leave behind. As you talk more and more about family history, you'll feel the spirit that it brings. After that it's hard to leave it alone.

More Ideas for Family History at the Dinner Table

  • Share 1 Family History story a week and why you chose it. Take turns picking and sharing.
  • Bring Family History photos to the dinner table. Make them the centerpiece.
  • Set a place for an ancestor. Eat a food from their homeland or a family favorite. Share their story and facts.
  • Dress up like an ancestor. Pick an ancestor to roleplay for the evening. Try to guess each other's. 
  • Take turns sharing one important moment for your own history.
  • Share about an ancestor you look forward to meeting or seeing again.

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Your Turn- How do you get your family excited about family history?