Free Mother's Day Candy Wrapper

It’s the that time of year again- time to tell the moms of the world how important and special they are. Whether it’s the mom next door, your ministering sister, a future or honorary mom, remember to tell them what makes them great. These free Mother’s Day candy bar wrappers are great to hand out to a large group at church or to one individual.


Have you ever heard the song, “‘S Wonderful” written by George Gershwin? The beginning of the song goes like this:

'S wonderful, 's marvelous

You should care for me

This candy bar wrapper is a take on that great song (you may have heard it in the movie “Funny Face”). Instead of “‘s wonderful” though my wrapper says, “She wonderful, She marvelous.”

Use these candy bar wrappers on any regular sized candy bar like a Hershey’s bar or Crunch bar. Hand these out to your:

  • Ministering families

  • Women’s group

  • Moms at church

  • Neighbor

  • Teachers

And any other special ladies in your life.

All you need to do is cut, wrap, and tape. Buy your candy bars in bulk and have a candy wrapping party. You can split the cost and have great conversation as you wrap!

Need a card to go with your candy? Check out my free Mother’s Day card too!