Title of Liberty Family Home Evening (Happy Independence Day)

Happy Independence Day! I love celebrating a holiday that made it possible for the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to happen. Without religious freedom, it couldn't have occurred. Take the time to celebrate the freedoms of the USA as well as teach your children about freedoms worth fighting for in a Family Home Evening near July 4th. 


Title of Liberty Family Home Evening

Flags are there to remind us of what is important in our lives. The United States of America's flag reminds us of those that sacrificed for our country, how it started out and what makes it up today, and so much more. Captain Moroni created the Title of Liberty to remind the people what was most important: religion, freedom, peace, and family. Review the story of how and why Captain Moroni created the Title of Liberty in Alma 46. Review what he did after he created the Title of Liberty and what it meant to the people as well. How do you think it helped them when things got tough?

Next, get your family to make their own flags or Titles of Liberty. What are the things that are most important to your family? What freedoms are worth fighting for today? How can we protect and honor those freedoms? There are two blank flag templates you can use in my free printable pack as well as a coloring page of Captain Moroni. Where can you put your flags so they can help you? 

Alternative Lesson Ideas

  • Read over Joseph Smith's account of the First Vision in Joseph Smith- History. Discuss how without the freedoms of the USA, the religious excitement would not have occurred, Joseph wouldn't have been able to organize a new religion, and other things that we might take for granted.
  • Continue on to the story of the 2,000 Stripling Warriors. Discuss how they were strong warriors because they had strong faith. They knew what they believed in and had complete faith in it. You can watch Helaman's Stripling Warriors (stream via Living Scriptures ) and use the FHE resources available in the Living Scripture app for a follow up lesson.

And of course, I had to throw in a few more fun Independence Day decorations for you all. Print a banner, more decorative flags, and 4th of July themed paper to make fans, pinwheels, or whatever your heart desires. Happy Independence Day!

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