Becoming Friends with the Scriptures

For the first time in my life we are early to church- I mean really early. And we have been for over a year. It's amazing and we like it a whole lot more than we ever thought we would. Every Sunday after we reserve our favorite bench, we end up walking around outside the church. It's peaceful, a great way to greet people as they come, and gets the wiggles out before sacrament meeting. It's also a great time to talk which led us to a new fun game we call, My Friend.


My Friend... the Game

My Friend is a fun guessing game. Your goal is to think of a person that links back to someone in the scriptures you would want to be friends with without it being totally obvious. For example, "My friend is shocking!" refers back to when Laman and Lemuel touched Nephi and were shocked. Test the waters out to see what level of difficulty your group can handle. I was surprised at how well my youngest children did.

This game challenges your knowledge of scripture stories and makes you think about who you would actually want to be friends with in the scriptures. One time my son had a great idea for a clue but rethought it because he wouldn't want to be friends with that person. My Friend can lead to some great conversation about good friends as well as better understanding of the scripture stories.

The best part? It can take as long as you want, you can play it anywhere, and you only need your knowledge of the scriptures to play! Need some ideas to get you started? Download my free idea list.

Friendship Lesson Ideas

Transform this fun game into a whole Family Home Evening with a lesson focused on surrounding yourself with good friends as well as being a good friend to others. Here are some great resources and ideas to put together a lesson that is right for your family: 

  • Review what it says in the For Strength of Youth book about friends
  • Teach from the message "Good Friends" by Elder L. Tom Perry highlighting the 6 ways to develop better friendships.
  • Focus on the scripture stories about good friends such as David and Jonathon, Alma and the Sons of Mosiah, etc. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland reviews a few of these in his article, "Real Friendship."
  • Discuss how we want to share the best things with our friends which includes the gospel. You can watch "Good Things to Share" to demonstrate your point. 
  • Show how we can be a good friend to everyone. When someone has disabilities, it doesn't mean they can't participate. See one way others made sure their friend could attend all of their activities when you watch Mitch Mobile. 
  • Continue to teach about including all people with help from President M. Russell Ballard and his talk, "Doctrine of Inclusion." 

Looking for more ways to include conversations about the scriptures? Try my Book of Mormon Discussion Cards- everything from silly to serious questions to help you become more familiar with the Book of Mormon.