The Christmas Tradition Every Book Lover Needs

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Christmas will be here before you know it! Plan ahead and check these 7 things off your list now so you can start the fun part- all the celebrating! Welcome in Christmas with this neighborhood Christmas book party! 

Pull out all of your favorite Christmas stories and invite your friends to do the same. Ask everyone to bring at least one favorite Christmas book. At the party, have several reading areas set up throughout your house. You can divide into age groups or story type. Have the adults and children read stories to each other. Allow time for children to look at the books on their own. Need more people to read to? Put out some stuffed animals or bring your family friendly dog over. Give everyone a chance to at least tell what book they brought and why they love it.

One book we're adding to our Christmas collection this year is "The Gift Giver" written by Jacob Haslem and Nick Allen, illustrated by Elissa Weaver. It's a beautiful illustrated story that will help your whole family focus on the real reason we have so much joy every December. And since you all can't make my party, here's a little glimpse of it. 

I love how at the beginning of this story, a little boy asks if he's been good enough to deserve 16 presents. Santa's answer is perfect. You can find out more about this wonderful Christmas story and order your copy here. Remember to order it early enough so you can enjoy it throughout December. Not only does it set the right tone to welcome in the Christmas season, it's a great reminder on Christmas Eve. 

After you've shared plenty of wonderful Christmas stories, break out a hot chocolate and popcorn buffet. Put crushed candy canes, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and other favorite toppings out for people to add to their drinks or snacks. Share other favorite Christmas traditions and memories as you enjoy one another's company. Click the invitation above to download your invite and start celebrating with your neighborhood!

Your Turn- What is your favorite Christmas book?