"Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord" Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3 (Jan 28- Feb 3)

Learn about the baptism of Jesus Christ in this week’s Primary lesson, “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3 (Jan 28- Feb 3). Remember to give your class the opportunity to share before you dive in! It’s so much fun to hear what they are learning and remembering.


Study Suggestions

Matthew 3 (Lesson 7) in the New Testament Seminary Teacher Manual

Mark 1 (Lesson 34) in the New Testament Seminary Teacher Manual

Mark 1-4 (Lesson 11) in the New Testament Teacher Manual

Matthew 1-4 (Lesson 2) New Testament Teacher Manual

Luke 1-3 (Lesson 15) New Testament Teacher Manual

Mark Guide to the Scriptures

Matthew 3 from the New Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students

Mark 1 from the New Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students

Luke 3-4 from the New Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students

“Repentance and Conversion” by President Russell M. Nelson

“Do Not Delay” by Elder Henry B. Eyring

“The Covenant of Baptism: To Be in the Kingdom and of the Kingdom” by Elder Robert D. Hales

“Ye Must Be Born Again” by Elder David A. Bednar

“Repentance” True to the Faith

“Repentance” For the Strength of Youth

Deseret Bookshelf PLUS Recommendations

These are great to listen together in the car on the way to school. My whole family loves listening to the youth speaker ones especially. Remember, as a Deseret Bookshelf PLUS member, you can access these eBooks or audio books anytime. Find out more about Deseret Bookshelf PLUS.


More Holiness Give Me (about 5 minutes)- Music video from The Choir at Temple Square

The Covenant of Baptism (about 16 minutes)- General Conference talk from Elder Robert D. Hales

Repentance (about 2 minutes)- Doug discovers there is more to life and talks about repentance. 

The Sting of the Scorpion (about 3 minutes) A young boy’s encounter with a scorpion in the Arabian desert can teach us a lot about what we must do to avoid and overcome the venomous sting of sin.

Repentance Is a Blessing to All of Us (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Elder Andersen speaks of the need to humbly and sincerely follow the promptings to repent. 

The Baptism of Jesus (about 3 minutes)- Bible Video

Jesus is Baptized (about 2 minutes)- Illustrated scripture story

Jesus Teaches of Being Born Again (about 6 minutes)- Bible Video

Baptism- (about 2 minutes)  Music video with words to learn the song

A Mighty Change: Conversion (about 3 minutes)- Alejandra expresses gratitude for the changes in her life that resulted from her baptism and the joy she feels when serving others.

Baptism of the Holy Ghost (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Elder Bednar teaches about the baptism of the Holy Ghost. 

God and Angels (about 2 minutes)- Illustrated scripture story about Joseph Smith’s revelation that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have bodies of flesh and bones

Godhead- He Knows Me (about 3 minutes)- Siblings share how they come closer to Heavenly Father

Teaching Ideas

These are my ideas based off the manual to help you facilitate discussion and teach specific points.

  • Send home a sweet treat with your class or stop by the house of those that couldn’t attend your class today with a New Testament Candy Gram! The Dove candy is perfect for this week’s lesson!

  • Discover the steps we can take towards baptisms with my free footprint printables. Place them around the room and play a game like musical chairs. Sing or play, “Come, Follow Me” (Hymn #116) then when you stop the music, pull a number from a hat and whoever is on that footprint gets to read it (with help from you if necessary) and tell what it means or give an example.

  • Make a baptism cup! Wrap waves around a solo cup and cut a hole in the bottom. Attach my picture of Christ being baptized on one side with a picture of a boy or girl being baptized on the other side to a straw. Then show how we can follow the Savior’s example of being baptized by pulling up and down on the straw.

  • Review the covenant we make at baptism with this simple baptism puzzle. Discuss how we renew our covenants with God every Sunday during sacrament. You can also use the fun Kit Kat reminder about our covenants.

  • There is a packet about baptism from The Mormon Home that you can send home with your class if they are preparing to be baptized this year.

  • If you have a younger class, try jazzing up my free baptism coloring pages with some textiles. You can use blue bubble wrap or sparkly foam stickers for the water, cloth scraps for the clothes, and more.
  • Introduce the topic of the Holy Ghost by decoding the word first. Give all the pictured cards out to those in your class. Have each child say or write on the board the first letter of each word to spell, “Holy Ghost.” If you have an older class, have them say one way the Holy Ghost has helped them starting with whichever letter they have.

  • Discuss how the Holy Ghost helps us with the other letter printables instead. Each letter shows one way the Holy Ghost can help. For example, H is for helps us be strong. P is for protects or heals. See how many ways your class can come up with for how the Holy Ghost helps using only the letters in “Help.”

  • Print out some paper dolls and wrap them in a warm blanket to discuss how the Holy Ghost helps us! You can decorate the quilt with fun mosaic stickers!
  • You may want to use my Holy Ghost flip book included in the home study as well to discuss more about the Holy Ghost. This booklet is meant to be done by Junior Primary classes and includes pictures to glue in if they can’t write yet.

  • Discuss some of the rolls of the Aaronic Priesthood with a matching game. Divide into two teams. Place the Deacon, Teacher, and Priest cards on the board or a table. Divide the rest of the cards among the teams. The first team to get all their cards correct wins (they get to pick who says the closing prayer, they can draw on the board during the last 2 minutes of class, etc).

  • Courtney Aitken has great printables to discuss the duties of the Aaronic Priesthood and Melchizedek Priesthood.

  • Looking for a poster to go with this week’s lesson? You’ll find one you can use in the home study handouts for this week.

  • Looking for more ideas and helps? Check out the handouts from LDS Messages. Be sure to tell them I sent you!

Activity Pages

These resources are from LDS.org.


Learning from Mistakes- A four part picture that can be put in order to talk about saying and being sorry.  

King Benjamin Teaches the Nephites- A rebus (word picture) story 

Repentance and the Atonement- A booklet

Travis Learns About Repentance- A pictured story about choosing wrong and saying sorry.  

Showing Sorry- A maze

I Choose the Right When I Am Baptized- Word Jumble game

What is Repentance?- Unscramble the shapes to fill in the blanks


Shield of Faith


Jonah Repents

Faith, Prayer, Repentance, and Forgiveness Strengthens Me and My Family

I Love My Savior, Jesus Christ, and His Restored Gospel


A Sacred Promise- Mobile of promises we make at baptism

Baptism- Crossword Puzzle

Baptism, My First Covenant- Poster to fill in about baptism

Questions and Answers about Baptism-Good to read over before someone is baptized.

Find the Differences- A girl getting interviewed by the Bishop before her baptism

Fill the Font- Fill the font by filling in the blanks

Fraction Puzzle- Solve the bottom puzzles to revealed the word "baptism"

I Can Repent and Be Baptized- 3-D scene to make

I Will Make and Keep My Baptismal Covenants- Maze

Keeping Our Baptismal Covenant- Board game

Learning about Baptism- Find all the things starting with "B"

My Baptism Book- Booklet

Remembering Jesus- Puzzle

Jesus' Baptism- A cute poem with a finger play

Jesus Christ is Baptized- A child friendly read along short story- read together then give a copy to each child to take home

The First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel- Mobile

The Kingdom Up on High- Puzzle

They That Gladly Received His Word Were Baptized- Poster

Understanding Baptism- Poster with answers about the baptism ordinance

Our Savior, Jesus Christ- Poster of Jesus getting baptized


Jesus Christ is Baptized

John Baptizes Jesus

Baptism and Confirmation are ordinances that Bless My Family 

I Follow Jesus Christ in Faith When I Make and Keep My Baptismal Covenant

When I am Baptized, I Make a Covenant with God 

We Receive the Ordinances of Salvation through the Priesthood 

The Baptism of Jesus Christ

The Resurrected Christ Teaches About Baptism

The Power to Baptize and Confirm

Baptism and confirmation are ordinances that bless my family

When I am Baptized, I make a Covenant with God

Why Is It Important for Me to Be Baptized?


The Godhead- Read the scriptures and color in the page

Article of Faith One- Activity page

Article of Faith One- Activities for each member of the Godhead

First Article of Faith Coded Message- Decode it!


Aaronic Priesthood Activity- Have the kids dress the boy up for Priesthood duties.  

The Power and Authority of God- A puzzle- you could put a picture underneath the puzzle pieces

Article of Faith 5- Goes with Priesthood, this has pictures to be put in the right order- could use in the lesson

Remember- Memory game

Ready for Blessings- Pictures that show how to be reverent and not during a blessing

Time for a Blessings- Pictures to show different types and times for blessings

Lindsay's Priesthood Blessing- Hidden pictures 

The Priesthood- A crossword puzzle

Priesthood Hidden Scripture- A word puzzle 

Priesthood Word Square- Word search

Prayers and Ordinances- Decode the puzzle

The Priesthood Helps People- Draw yourself in these pictures where the Priesthood is being used.


We Receive the Ordinances of Salvation...

My Faith in Jesus Christ Grows

The Power to Baptize and Confirm

I Believe That the Priesthood Blesses My Life

Holy Ghost

Inviting the Spirit- 4 ways to invite the Spirit to color...try cutting up the squares and punching holes on each side.  Then string a ribbon through and make it into a sash to wear instead.  

Listen to the Still, Small Voice- Color a quilt and read some scriptures- probably better for the older classes.  You could bring stickers to put into the squares instead.

Names of the Holy Ghost- Word Search

The Gift of the Holy Ghost- Fill in the blank cards

Understanding the Holy Ghost- Fill in the blank and crossword puzzle

The Holy Ghost Can Help Me- Make this invitation to remember to invite the Holy Ghost in.

The Holy Ghost Testifies of the Truth of All Things- Journal activity and make a Liahona.  

When We are Worthy- Fill in the blanks

The Holy Ghost- Crossword or use this one.  


A Happy People

The Holy Ghost Testifies of Me

My Faith in Jesus Christ Grows When I Listen to the Holy Ghost

I Choose to Fill My Life with Things that Invite the Spirit