Free General Conference Note Pages

Are you excited for General Conference too? Keep track of the messages from our leaders as well as the answers you are seeking with my General Conference note pages. These are great pages to hand out to your family during a Family Home Evening about General Conference, the morning of General Conference, or give it to your Church class. Want to hand out something General Conference related to your Church class that isn’t so many pages? Try my General Conference Countdown Chain instead.


My whole note packet includes:

  • Mapping note pages for each apostle and member of the First Presidency

  • General mapping note pages for other leaders of the church. There are pages prelabeled with “Sister,” “Elder,” and “Brother” as well as one with no label.

  • Music mapping pages- Sometimes the best inspiration we receive is when the music is playing. Use this page to write down additional inspiration as well as record your notes and feeling about the music you hear.

  • I Will Go, I Will Do action mapping page to help you review your notes afterwards and make plans to apply the teachings of General Conference into your life.

  • Question and Answer pages- one with a picture of a girl, one with a boy. Write your questions on these pages before General Conference. As you hear your answer, record it here or take time to review your notes afterwards and write your answers. You can also put these pages near your bed so you can remember exactly what you are praying about.

  • Things I Learned about Jesus Christ page- The ultimate goal of General Conference is to lead us towards Jesus Christ. As the leaders of our Church testify of Jesus Christ, write down what you learn of Christ, impressions you have, and your testimony.

  • Scripture References and Thoughts page- It’s interesting to see which scriptures are cited throughout Conference. Write down the references that stick out to you as well as new understanding you may gain about them.

  • Themes page- Write down the themes you notice throughout Conference. You can size your lettering to reflect the themes you hear more often. For example, write in bigger letters if you hear the theme repeated a lot or draw more decorations around it so you remember it was a big focus.

What are mapping pages? That means the main graphics are in the middle of each note taking page allowing you to write your notes all around the page. You may only want to write down one key quote or impression, or you may fill up the whole page. Some people like to draw what they hear instead or use a combo of words and symbols. Others like to write a main point in bigger letters then supporting notes around it. It doesn’t really matter how you use them as long as you put them to good use!

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