Questions to Ponder for "Where Will This Lead?" by President Dallin H. Oaks (Priesthood Session)

"Where Will This Lead?" by President Dallin H. Oaks (Priesthood Session) is similar to his talk back in October 2007, “Good, Better, Best.” In fact, he even references it. You might benefit from reading both before you teach.

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Thanks to Hailey Maloney for submitting these questions!

Questions to Ponder

  • What happens if start asking ourselves, "What will make me happiest today?"

  • Why do you think no one intervened to protect the squirrel until it was too late? (see the story in the talk) How do we see this happening in other areas of our lives?

  • Is being "busy" ever dangerous?

  • How do you make sure to spend time on the best things?

  • How can you balance feeling happy today with wise choices for the future?

  • What kinds of labels do we use to describe ourselves? (roles, attributes- positive and negative)

  • How could those labels limit us or distract from our eternal purposes?

  • How have you (or someone you know) sacrificed for an important goal? Did that sacrifice affect how you felt about the goal?

  • How can we help lead our families by pondering where our choices will lead? For those with older/grown kids, what advice can you give to those with younger kids about how to use this busy time?

  • If you look at your afternoon/tomorrow/week, what are the three most important things to your future? How will you schedule those things?

  • How can we keep our actions focused on doing those things that are best instead of filling our lives with good or less than good things?

  • What might be the opportunity cost when we fill our lives with good things but not the best?