Questions to Ponder for "Hearing His Voice" by Elder David P. Homer

Elder David P. Homer reminds us how critical it is to listen to the right voice among the crowd in his talk, "Hearing His Voice." Discover questions to help you ponder and discuss this talk below.

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Thanks to Diana Warren for these great questions!

Questions to Ponder

  • Why is it important to discern Heavenly Father's voice from the voices of the world?

  • Where can we find our Father's voice?

  • What actions can we take to seek His voice?

  • What are some examples of the various "voices" we might hear?

  • How did young Joseph Smith approach finding answers about which Church to join? Have you ever felt a similar confusion regarding a decision to be made?

  • How do we sort through conflicting and competing voices?

  • How do we know who we can trust?

  • What might the consequences be if we listen to the wrong voice?

  • In what ways could "relying solely upon our own thinking" affect our growth?

  • What does the oxygen represent in Elder Homer's analogy?

  • What lessons do we learn from Korihor?

  • How can we keep ourselves from falling for "popular" ideas that are contrary to the teachings of God?

  • How would you describe the ways you have been taught by the Holy Ghost?

  • What can we do to help our children feel and recognize direction from the Holy Ghost?

  • What can we do to make it easier to hear God’s voice?