Teaching Helps for "A Yearning for Home" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

In a "A Yearning for Home" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, he encourages us to turn towards the light and begin our wonderful journey home for a more purposeful life. 


I love the continual reassurances in this lesson. God loves you, He calls to you. He will use the imperfect you to help accomplish His purposes. Its us that needs to overcome our pride and nervousness to do what He asks. 


  • How have you felt the call of heaven? Do you still feel it?
  • How is your life better because you are choosing to follow the Savior?
  • How can you be useful? What are your talents?
  • How can you turn your imperfections over to the Lord and allow yourself to be more useful? 
  • How can we avoid going on auto pilot? Why won't auto pilot work?
  • How have all things worked together for your good?
  • How does pride keep you from helping others?

Teaching Thoughts

From the Church, "How can you help those you teach recognize how God is using them to bless others? You could invite them to review the section of President Uchtdorf’s message titled 'God Will Use You,' looking for promises made to those who strive to serve in God’s kingdom despite their weaknesses. Reading this message may also remind members of experiences they could share in which God used them to bless others—or when He used others to bless them. Give members time to ponder what they feel inspired to do because of this discussion."

These are my ideas. My hope is that reading my thoughts will be a springboard to finding the right plans for your class.Remember you are leading a discussion, not teaching a lesson so you may only need one of these ideas.

  • Go ahead and start with the story President Uchtdorf gave about Bobby the Wonder Dog and ask your class to make a comparison to gospel principles. Then you can share how President Uchtdorf tied it in (anyone in the mood to watch Homeward Bound now?).
  • Ask a few people ahead of time to share an example of when they recognized that God used them to bless another.
  • Take time to write a talent list. How can those talents help you help someone else? You can do this as a class, in groups, or individually.
  • Use my Small and Simple Things object lesson to show how our small actions can help make our own lives and the lives of others better.
  • Use my Finding Your Wings craft to demonstrate how turning our lives towards home will help make our lives easier even through our trials.
  • Write, "The sublime message of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that God is our Father, that He cares about us, and that there is a way to return to Him." on the board. Talk about why this is the sublime message and how it affects our lives.
  • Put these sticky notes from God around the room. Those who sit near your note, can read it during your class. They go great with the section, "God Calls to You."
  • Use these quote cards to continue to discuss helping others. One is from President Spencer W. Kimball referring to how God meets our needs through other people. The other is about how we don't need to be more but need to make the right choices in order to be of service. You can have people read these cards during your lesson or hand them to those that can't attend. 
  •  Begin your discussion with the story of Christ calling to the fishermen (disciples) to come and follow Him (see Matthew 4 or Luke 18). How do we respond to the call? Do we continue to follow Him even when we do not immediately "see" Him? After Christ died, his disciples went back to fishing. Jesus visited them again and asked them to feed His sheep. You can also tie in how these lessons are now called, "Come, Follow Me" lessons and how that relates as well. 
  • Ask your class to give you a list of reasons they are willing to follow Christ. You can have someone write them on the board or repeat them as they are said so all can hear. After a few minutes, go back to the two reasons President Uchtdorf focuses on, "First, your life will be better. Second, God will use you to make the lives of others better."
  • In the section, "You Life Will Be Better", President Uchtdorf talks about how we put barriers between us and Heavenly Father when we don't turn towards the Lord. What are some barriers we might put up? You could also put some blocks between a doll that represents us and a phone the represents God's help and peace as you discuss some of the barriers we use. Then discuss ways to knock them down.
  • Give some examples of faithful scriptural people who have had trials and the way they have turned towards God during those trials. Show how God helped them with their trials and how we can follow their examples. You could also do this with those who thought they needed to be more but God used them anyway (like Moses). 
  • You may also want to see some of the light suggestions from An Gordon B. Hinckley Chapter 2: An Ensign to the Nations, a Light to the World. 
  • One of the great things about trials is that when someone does a small and even imperfect act of love towards you, you can see how much it really means. Show the video from #LIGHTtheWORLD (Day 9) highlighting how the one lunch she remember most wasn't the five course meal.