Senior Missionaries- One Wonderful Thing

Have you ever considered going on a mission? Not just when you were 18 but after the kids have left the house or you've finally retired? In my ideal world, my husband and I will be giving tours at the Peter Whitmer Farm when we're older (where life really takes us, who knows?!). Linda took the leap and is now sharing her adventures with you on her blog, This Mormon Life. Here's what Sister Hyde says about her blog:

WHAT?!?!?! Leave my grandchildren, leave my home, leave my doctor, leave my ward, leave my toys, leave my ________________(your entry goes here), to go serve a senior mission??? I don't think I can do that! We did, and we haven't looked back - nor have we stopped counting the blessings coming from our decision! 

Join Sister Hyde as she shares one "Wonderful Thing" and one "Fun Thing" each day on This Mormon Life all the way from Italy.

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