Lesson 1: Joseph Smith and the First Vision


Don't you love that we get to teach church history this year? It will be such a faith building year. The purpose of Primary 5 Lesson 1: Joseph Smith and the First Vision is to strengthen everyone's testimony that the Prophet Joseph Smith did actually see Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Teaching Thoughts

  • I highly recommend reading as much as possible from Joseph Smith's account in the scriptures. Every time you read the his words, the spirit comes immediately. Remember to point out that feeling so your class can begin to recognize the Spirit when it is there.
  • The Red Headed Hostess is doing lesson packets for this year as well. The one for this lesson, Joseph Smith and the First Vision, includes six learning activities and helps including a flip book and a build a tree trivia game.
  • Use these colored cut outs from Latter-day Chatter as you discuss the First Vision. You could give different pieces to those in your class and have them discuss their part or write a scripture verse on the back to read.
  • Next week's lesson includes giving out a homework assignment this week. See Enrichment Activity #2 in Primary 5 Lesson 2.

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Teacher Study

Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration (about 1 hour)- Watch this movie before you teach about Joseph Smith and the Restoration this year. 

"The Fruits of the First Vision" by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

First Vision Accounts


Before you show a video in your class, read these 15 tips.

A Seer Will I Raise Up (about 5 minutes)- Joseph Smith is prepared to bring to pass the restoration

Joseph Smith's First Vision (about 2 1/2 minutes)- Illustrated scripture story

Joseph Smith (about 2 minutes)- A quicker narrated summary of the First Vision

Special Witness- Elder Christofferson (about 6 minutes)- Elder Christofferson bears testimony of Joseph Smith and the First Vision

The Restoration (about 19 minutes)- The First Vision and the Restoration



"Joseph Smith's First Prayer"- Hymn #26

"The Sacred Grove"- Children's Songbook pg. 87

"On a Golden Springtime"- Children's Songbook pg. 88

"Praise to the Man"- Hymn #27

"This Is My Beloved Son"- Children's Songbook pg. 76 (verse 3)

Additional Scripture References

James 1:5-6

Joseph Smith- History 1:15-20


My Primary 5 Lesson 1 handouts include:

  • Quote from President Joseph F. Smith as found in Enrichment Activity #2
  • Journal page

There are various different sizes of the handouts so be sure to only print the pages you need.

If you like these lesson helps, please share them so others can find them too. Thanks!

Activity Ideas

Joseph Smith's First Vision- Figure cut-outs or use this similar colored version

Joseph in the Sacred Grove- Make a box diagram of the First Vision

Joseph Smith- Poster or use this one

The First Vision- Quiz with scripture references to discover the answers

The First Vision- Shoebox panorama

Coloring Pages

Need more ideas for how to use coloring pages? Check out these 10 ideas.

Prophet Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith Saw and Testified of Jesus Christ

My Faith in Jesus Christ Grows When I Learn about the Restoration of the Gospel