Lesson 20: The Israelites Receive Food from Heaven


The purpose for teaching Primary 6 Lesson 20: The Israelites Receive Food From Heaven is to remember to keep the Sabbath day holy.

Teaching Thoughts

These are a few bonus thoughts- keep scrolling for more!

  • Bring a stack of paper plates to be manna. Put a bunch around the room and see how fast the kids can gather up the plates. Then add silly instructions like "while hopping on one foot" or "jumping like a kangaroo."
  • Send your class home with my free After Church Question Cards to encourage your class to discuss and apply this lesson with their families.
  • Fill the basket with manna in the fun game included in The Red Headed Hostess class packet.

The following are links to LDS.org resources unless otherwise stated.

Teacher Study

"The Sabbath and the Sacrament" by Elder L. Tom Perry

"The Sabbath Is a Delight" by President Russell M. Nelson

"The Power of Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy" by Elder John H. Groberg


The Israelites in the Wilderness- Illustrated Scripture story about 2 1/2 minutes


"For the Beauty of the Earth"- Hymn #92

"My Heavenly Father Loves Me"- Children's Songbook pg. 228

"Saturday"- Children's Songbook pg. 196

"Remember the Sabbath Day"- Children's Songbook pg. 155

"The Chapel Doors"- Children's Songbook pg. 156

"When I Go to Church"- Children's Songbook pg. 157


D&C 59:9-10- Day to keep self unspotted from the world

Exodus 31:12-13 (or 16-17)- Observe the Sabbath as a covenant with me

Isaiah 58:13-14- The Sabbath is a delight

Genesis 2:1-3- God rested on the seventh day

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My Primary 6 Lesson 20 handouts include

  • 6 Creation cards for the Attention Activity
  • Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down sign for one of the Enrichment Activities (comes in color and blank so you can print it on color paper instead). Attach popsicle sticks or straws so the children can hold them up to vote.
  • Blank cards for your class to write down Sabbath Day activity ideas to take home as mentioned in the Enrichment Activities.

Activity Ideas

Getting Ready for Church- Find the objects needed to get ready

Sabbath Day Activities- A list of ideas of things to do on Sunday- goes great with the enrichment activity. There is also this list.

Flannel Board Sunday Box- Great for an FHE but more as ideas for Primary class

Going to Church- Maze

Pencil Spin- Great game to play on Sunday- try it out in class

Lily's Sunday Morning- Find the hidden objects and matching socks

Remember the Sabbath Day- Story figures and manna to tell the story- for each manna you take, tell one good thing to do on Sunday.

Saturday is a Special Day- Help find the missing objects

Sunday Activities- Unscramble the words to fill in the blanks 

What is This?- See if you can figure out what these Sunday objects are

How the Lord Blessed the Israelites- Match the problems with the blessings

Journey into Egypt- Board game

The Lord's Day- Print and make this finger fun game