What We Can Learn from the Wisdom of King Solomon


Primary 6 Lesson 31: The Wisdom of King Solomon- The purpose of this lesson is to strengthen our desire to be more like Jesus Christ by developing wisdom and an understanding heart.

The story of Solomon always confused me as a kid. Here Solomon is asking for wisdom which is better than better smart- its knowledge with understanding- yet he still ends up making poor choices in the end. The biggest thing I learned from him when young was that even the wisest individuals are tempted and can fall. Solomon eventually worshiped idols. We must constantly choose the right, choose to follow God or the little steps we take away will eventually be too wide a gap to cross over alone.  


"Love One Another"- Children's Songbook pg. 136

"A Special Gift is Kindness"- Children's Songbook pg. 145

"I'm Trying to Be like Jesus"- Children's Songbook pg. 78 or listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Another great handout from Rachael's Booknook


Proverbs 4:7- With all your getting, get understanding

Ecclesiastes 9:16- Wisdom is better than strength

Joseph Smith- History 1:13- He needed wisdom from God

James 1:5-6- If lack wisdom, ask God with fatih

D&C 109:7- Seek for wisdom

Alma 29:8- The Lord counsels in wisdom

1 Kings 4:29-30- The Lord gives Solomon the gift of wisdom

Luke 2:40, 52- Jesus grew up in wisdom and stature

Mosiah 2:17- I tell you these things so that you may learn wisdom

D&C 89:19- Blessing from keeping the Word of Wisdom is wisdom

D&C 136:32- Humble self to receive wisdom

1 Corinthians 8:1- Knowledge puffs up but charity edifies

Lesson Ideas

Temples- A Sign of the True Church- build a replica of Solomon's temple

Temples in All Times- Make this temple mobile

The Lord Commands His People to Build Temples- Guess who I am game with different prophets and temples including Solomon. Could make into a booklet too.


Wow- am I having a difficult time finding things to go with this lesson. Most age appropriate related activities for Solomon are about him building the temple which isn't the primary focus of this lesson. If you search for wisdom, you get mostly Word of Wisdom info. 

Click on the poster you would like to print. One is fill in the blank and the other can be used like a puzzle or a handout. 


King Solomon- Illustrated Scripture Story about 3 minutes


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