Extra Church Handouts? DON'T Throw Them Away!

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You're on the ball. You've read your lesson, compiled notes, and even printed handouts for your class. In fact you made extra copies just in case. Sunday comes and it seems everyone went out of town. What do you do with all those extra handouts?! Don't throw them away! I've asked many of you across social media platforms and together we've come up with 20 great ideas. So whether you teach Relief Society or Primary, put those extra handouts to good use! 

1. Keep them for a fun review game later. You can use them as Jeopardy answers or make a giant matching game.

2. Save them up all year and make activity books or inspirational quote books for your class this Christmas.

3. Do some Mormon Origami- This book is all about using a full sheet of regular paper to create fun Mormon art. See the neat temple I created here in his first book or check out this Beehive birthday gift idea in his second one.

4. Paper airplanes! With a pilot as an apostle, you can easily tie this into your next FHE lesson and activity or even an object lesson for church.

5. Back up support- If you lesson ends too early one week, you'll have plenty of resources to pull out and keep everyone happy until it's time to go.

6. Wrapping paper! It's fun and economical.

7. Missionary Care Packages and Letters- Write a letter to a missionary or send them a care package. Before you ship it off, put some of your extra handouts in for the missionaries to use.

8. Be a Missionary Yourself! Give them to your neighbor or challenge your Primary class to give the extra ones to their friends that week. Be sure to follow up next week to see how it went.

9. Save your extra coloring pages for your kids to use during sacrament meeting.

10. Give the extra Primary ones to the Nursery leaders. It's always nice to have extra coloring pages for the little ones.

11. Make FHE lesson kits- Keep a binder with topic categories. Slip your extra handouts into the right section and when you're scrambling for a last minute lesson, it's already done for you. OR add to them and assemble kits to hand out to other families as gifts.

12. Write letters to those that missed church that week- include the handout with your testimony of the principle.

13. Make an End of the Year Garland- Attached them to some string and celebrate all you've learned this year.

14. Still have kids at home? Cover your table with all the extra Primary handouts for when they get home from school (tape them down so it'll look like a tablecloth in the end). It'll give them something fun to do when they get home while eating their snack.

15. Check to see if your library has a scrap paper bin. If so, you can put them in there. If not? See if it's okay to put them in the foyers for other families to take.

16. Do you have a whole bunch? Ask your Bishop if it's okay to put them in the ward's program that week. Young families will appreciate the extra activity.

17. Use the back to plan next week's lesson

18. Stash them away until it's time for General Conference then pull them out for your kids to use. 

19. Make quiet time notebooks- glue the activities into a spiral notebook for your kids. When you need some quiet time, hand them out and encourage them to learn more about the principles related to the handouts inside. Cut some of the coloring pages in half and tell your kids to finish the drawings. Cut some into a puzzle of different pieces to make a collage. Ask your kids to write a story to accompany the picture. 

20. Put them in an Emergency Sub file. That way when someone doesn't show, you still have something to use. 

Your Turn- What do you do with all your extra handouts?