11 Things Every Primary Teacher Wishes Parents Remembered

Do you have children in Primary? I've polled Primary Teachers all over and compiled this list of 11 things to remember as a parent. You may have taught Primary in the past but have forgotten the importance of these things or simply never thought about it. See if you agree.


Talk all you want....After you pick up your Child

We have families begging for our attention too. There have been a times when we didn't know where the parents were and the next ward was coming in. It's an awkward situation and standing in a crowded hallway waiting isn't very fun for anyone. If someone won't stop talking to you, start walking and continue the conversation on the go- please!

Please don't send your child with any sort of food or drink

We are begging you! It doesn't matter if it's nursery or the 11 year old class. It always causes problems. Food includes gum, mints, and water bottles too. If they normally get hungry during church, eat something during the last speaker in Sacrament meeting or during the break between but don't bring it to class. We as teachers often have food allergies too so please be considerate. If there is a special circumstance, please talk with us about it so we can be more understanding.

We love your child but sometimes he can be a bit difficult

We love your children and want to nourish them in the gospel. When things get tough though, we need to know what to do. Do you want us to tell you or handle it the best way we can? If there are special needs or big life changes going on, please tell us. We can adjust to meet your child's needs only when we know what's going on. Our love for your children grows each week. We really do want to help them learn the gospel and enjoy coming to church. 

Keep your child with you or at home when they are sick

It's hard for your child to participate fully when they don't feel good and we really don't want to spread the germs around. Use the same rules you would if they were going to school. 

Leave the toys and extra things at home or in the car

This includes knitting, drawing pads, markers, fidget spinners, and sharpies. Before your child comes to class, put the things they brought to Sacrament meeting back in the car or even in your purse. It's a big distraction to the rest of the class and often ends up causing fights. We are also trying to teach your children reverence which means paying your best attention to those teaching and toys take away from that. If your child needs a comfort object, let us know and together we can teach them to put it under their chairs until it's time to go. 

If your child has a fidget toy PLEASE talk to us about it and let's agree on the appropriate ones to bring and appropriate uses. It is extremely distracting to have a class full of fidget spinners. We can work on creating more movement in class through appropriate games that everyone can enjoy or find a fidget toy that's not quite so distracting. 

Please have modesty talks and reminders with your child

Focus especially on keeping private parts covered and clothes down where they are supposed to go. We see all too much all too often as do several of the other children. Take some time to practice modesty and sitting while wearing dresses at home- this includes older Primary children as well. Don't worry though, we know kids are kids and you may have already told them "Keep your dress down" a million times too. As long as we can work together on it, it works. Let us know if there are any special phrases or distractions you use that work well. 

If your child is having a bad day please let us know

Kids have bad days. We are going to do our best to make sure everyone does well in class and comes out better than they came in. However, please also remember we are not babysitters but teachers. Understand when it's okay to still come and when it's better that you deal with their problems on your own. 

Give us a heads up on allergies

Sometimes in the lesson manual it recommends food and sometimes we'll bring treats. We'd hate to be the cause of a health problem or negative feelings because they couldn't have any. 

We didn't apply for this job, ask to teach, or campaign for this position

We simply said Yes when the Lord called us. We really are trying our absolute best. Life happens for us too and we often have zero experience teaching. There is huge learning curve and we each do things differently. Don't compare us to other teachers. Please be patient with us and understanding when we struggle along the way.

Have your child bring scriptures to class each week

Even if they can't read yet, it's an excellent habit to form now. The earlier you teach your children to bring their scriptures, the easier it is for us to help teach them to use them.  Help your child check some out from the library or get them a simple set. It's a great opportunity to get in the habit now and learn how to respect them. We often use scriptures in our lessons and want all to feel of the spirit contained within their pages. If you can, on Sundays, take the time to go through the books in the scriptures and help your child navigate through them.

Please meet all human needs before dropping your children off

Remind your child to go the bathroom, get a drink, and feed them enough before coming to church. Your child learns so much better when he doesn't have to worry about any of these things. It also helps us teach with fewer interruptions.

Your Turn- What would you add to the list? As a parent, what do you wish all Primary Teachers remembered?