How to Teach Kids with Special Needs in a LDS Classroom

Teaching kids with special needs can be a delicate balancing act. You do everything you can think of to reach them but sometimes the gap is just too wide. Maria Eckersley, mom of an autistic son and owner of the site has joined us today to help navigate these tricky waters.


Maria's many years of Autism parenting and teaching in the Church have given her a unique perspective on reaching and connecting with these fantastic kids. Her video is about 15 minutes long so grab a notebook, a pen, and some laundry to fold as you listen.

In Maria's video she explores three big areas that teachers can focus on:

  • Proactive communication
  • Consistency
  • Flexibility

Her practical tips can be applied in Primary, Sunday School and Youth classes. 

For more resources on helping kids with special needs, check out the Church website devoted to teaching children with disabilities.

Also, consider reading this helpful Ensign article by Danyelle Ferguson (another mom of an Autistic son).

Your Turn- What has helped you teach kids with special needs?

Maria Eckersley is a mom of six by day and a sleep-deprived graphic designer by night. She has a regular LDS teaching tips series on YouTube and a website full of printable teaching resources for Primary, Youth and Seminary. Find out more on her site,