I Am a Child of God Tic Tac Wrappers

2018's LDS Primary theme is "I Am a Child of God" which means it's time for another cute printable. I've already shared with you some great bag toppers and banner but here's one of more wrapper for a fun surprise this year.


Simply grab some Tic Tacs (you can get them cheaper when you buy in bulk on Amazon. I used the Fruit Adventure flavor in the picture), print the wrappers, cut, and glue or tape on. Use them in all kinds of fun ways:

  • Welcome in the New Year, new theme, and your new class 
  • Birthday gifts for your class or ward's Primary
  • Valentine, Easter, or Christmas presents
  • Reach out to a less active member
  • Reward when your class fills up the Bingo board
  • And so much more!

Be sure to print the page you want. There are three different variations- one as shown above with the "We're looking forward to a great year!" on the back, one with a blank white circle on the back so you can personalize it, and one with nothing on the back so you can use it whenever. Don't worry if the blue looks neon on your screen; it should print out darker.

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