The Young Women's Bundles that Will Help You with Your Calling ALL YEAR

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2018 is fast approaching, are you ready as a Young Women's leader? The new year can seem quite daunting when you look at all you have to do all at once. Take a deep a breath and let these Young Women Bundles help take a lot off your plate. 


I recommend both bundles as they each help in different ways. The Ultimate Young Women Leader Kit will keep you organized and on top of everything from meetings to Personal Progress while the 2018 Mutual Theme Bundle allows you to make this year's theme, "Peace in Christ" a part of your activities. 

Ultimate Young Women Leader Kit

This is the kit you need to make your year go smoothly! It will help you stay organized, remember those special days, and give you ways to reach out to all the youth in you organization. 

Binder Covers, Responsibility List, and More

Choose from four Binder Covers, add a Spine Insert, and put a Responsibility Sheet on the back and you are on your way to great Young Women's binder to help keep you on top of things. Make one for all the adult leaders in your organization as well as the class presidencies!  

Lesson List and Activity Ideas...Done!

Stay on top of things with a one page Lesson List and over 180 Activity Ideas! This bundle includes a fully editable Activity Planning Guide to make planning your year easier. You will also find a Special Events planning sheet making those bigger activities that much easier to plan. 

Monthly Calendar...Done!

With this Editable Monthly Calendar, you can add all the big dates and birthdays for the year before your print! Update it with all the monthly activities before your next class presidency meeting so everyone will be on the same page. You will also find an editable Birthday List to making it easy to celebrate those upcoming special days.


Keep track of your youth with a photo or regular directory. There are several different sizing options to choose from making it easy to find the right one for your group. Quickly call the class presidents with a Leadership Directory or organize everything by class.

Personal Progress and Honor Bee Trackers...Check!

Choose from individual trackers or a summary of several girls at once. Either way, this will help you stay on top of things. Plan a time every month to update these charts and proudly display them when complete!

Sunday Conducting Sheet and Meeting Agenda...Check!

Make things easy to read by editing these meeting sheets on your computer every time you need one. It will make it easy for your Young Women to lead and keep your meetings on track.

Monthly Newsletters... Check!

Beautiful newsletters in no time are possible with these editable pdfs. All you have to do is add in the dates and announcements then print. There is a different design for every month! 

Birthday Gifts...Done!

Forget worrying about what you will do for birthdays this year. The included birthday kit helps you make a gift in minutes. Wrap a favorite candy bar, use mini value chocolate wrappers, or simply use the card. Either way you use it, your youth are sure to feel special on their day. 

Welcome Kit...Yes, that too!

The Welcome Kit makes it easy to get to know your new youth. Hand out the Get to Know You sheet to any new Beehives or move-ins so you can start creating connections right away. Help them feel welcomed with a sheet all about the upcoming activities and the Young Women in their class. Bundle it up with a cute card from you and its ready to go! 


2018 Mutual Theme Bundle

Continue to make your year run smoothly with the 2018 Mutual Theme Bundle. With this bundle, you'll be able to plan your special events and create lasting memories in no time. See what it will help you cross off your to do list this year:

New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence... Done!

Get signs, invites, and a spotlight sheet to host a wonderful night of New Beginnings. AND discover great printables to help you put on a Young Women in Excellence in no time. This bundle includes posters, signs, and garlands to bring everything together. There are even refreshment prints such as cupcake toppers and water bottle wraps to make the evening extra festive. All you need to do is set the date.


Room Decorations... Done!

Use one of four garlands or the "Peace in Christ" banner to decorate your Young Women's room for the new year. Add one of the theme posters to complete the look. 


Birthday and Other Gifts... Check! 

There are so many great options to use for birthdays included in this kit like a Compliment card and Young Women values wrapped chocolates. Print one of the Birthday Cards and have all the youth sign the cards or fill up a basket of all sorts of options for each person to choose from on their special day. These also make great take home treats after a lesson on the theme or during camp!

Lesson on "Peace in Christ" Theme...Done!

Get a whole lesson kit to help you teach about the 2018 Young Women's theme, "Peace in Christ." This kit is specifically designed around the April 2016 General Conference address by Bishop W. Christopher Waddell, “A Pattern for Peace”.  He specifically teaches about D&C 19:23 (the 2018 mutual theme scripture). This scripture mentions the three steps to peace are to “listen,” “learn,” and “walk in the meekness of my Spirit”. The lesson kit includes posters, board displays, learning activities, and more to make teaching a breeze. This makes a great first Sunday lesson or even a Fireside.

Songs and Music...Done!

“Peace in Christ” is written by Hilary Weeks and performed by the talented Bryn Castleton (a young woman). “More Holiness Give Me” is performed by Hilary Weeks, and she has added an original opening to the classic hymn. Give a song to your Young Women to add to their favorite playlists, use it at camp as your theme song, or sing it at New Beginnings. Each song includes the mp3 with and without words as well as sheet music, cover art, and lyric cards.

Audio Talk by Anthony Sweat...Check!

Gather your Young Women together to listen to this talk for an activity night or give it as a Christmas present. Using scripture and several candid experiences from his own life, Brother Anthony Sweat masterfully illustrates what peace in Christ means and shares three essential elements for obtaining that peace, no matter what your life’s circumstances may be. This download includes the mp3 plus cover art so you can burn a CD for each youth in your organization.