The 2018 LDS Primary Bundle You Need to Make Your Calling Easier

This is a sponsored post by The Red Headed Hostess. All opinions are 100% my own.

Let's face it, life with a Primary calling is crazy! Thankfully there are talented people around to make your life better. You already know how much I love the products over at The Red Headed Hostess. This year, they have made an amazing 2018 Primary Bundle that will make your life easier. Check out everything that is included! 


Binder Covers

Use these editable designs for your binders this year. It includes binder spines and a Sharing Time schedule as well. Make one for all the Presidency members as well as the teachers in your Primary.

Bulletin Board Decorations

With over 50 pieces you will be able to create a beautiful bulletin board that is right for your Primary. The bright posters, banners, and embellishments are a wonderful way to help Primary children make meaningful connections to the 2018 Primary theme, "I Am a Child of God." Print, cut, and decorate! 


  • Use some of the posters as a baptism gift too. Insert the poster in a frame and attach a photo of the child on their baptism day on the back. It's a great reminder for them to hang in their rooms. 
  • Is there a child that can't come often due to illness or other circumstances in your Primary? Make the banner to decorate their room to help them feel loved no matter what. 
  • Are the missionaries teaching a family with young children? Bring a poster to share on one of their visits.  
  • Remember the Nursery too! The first lesson in Behold Your Little Ones is all about being a child of God. In fact, one of the recommended optional activities is to make a Child of God poster with the children's photos. This bulletin board pack makes it easy to do! 
  • Are you in the Stake Presidency? When you do your home visits, bring a poster to share and give to each family. 
  • Use the circle embellishments as singing time sticks. When you hold up a girl one, only the girls sing or hold up a boy and the boys sing. 

Wristbands and Assignment Cards 

How do you give out weekly assignments to the children without them losing it before their parents can see it? These assignment wristbands are a great solution. The assignment cards are a great solution for Senior Primary children. 

Bonus  Ideas

  • In your monthly Primary email, include all the assignments for the month to give the parents a heads up and hopefully you enough time to rearrange as needed. 
  • Take a picture of the assignment cards before you hand them out and include the photo in your reminder emails or texts.

Birthday Printables 

There are a number of great birthday treat ideas included in this bundle as well. I love that this birthday kit includes Bishop Birthday Bucks for a treat idea. All children need an opportunity to get to know the Bishop on a friendly basis. There is also a tag that says simply "Love, the Primary" so the teachers and children can be included in wishing Happy Birthday to each child too. 

Bonus Ideas

  • Print out enough birthday tags for each classroom teacher and include it in their teaching packet. This way all they have to do is write a note on the back. If the cards stay in the bag in their teaching packet, the gifts will be the same even if there is a switch in teachers. You can even include the pencils to add. 
  • Use the 2 inch circles to create a necklace or candy lei! 

Gift Tags

Another birthday tag plus more for other occasions including thank you gifts. These are great for baptisms, making visits, Christmas presents, and so much more. 

CD Covers and Labels

Encourage the children to learn and practice the songs for the year with a CD of the music (Psssttt... they make great Christmas gifts every year too). You can customize the cover with your ward's name and add a sticker to each disk. 

Bonus Idea

  • Prefer to give your Primary a digital playlist instead? You can still hand out the CD covers then include instructions on how to access and download the Primary music for the year.

Theme Bookmarks

There are two different designs to choose from in this bundle. One has images of children on them- Don't worry, there are several different ones to choose from so you can print the ones that best represents your Primary. Or use the generic bookmark with a quote from The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Use these for a baptism, birthday, or New Year's gift! 

Monthly and Yearly Theme Posters

Each Monthly Poster has a beautiful designed poster based on the theme for the month. There is also a matching scripture poster to use (which comes in handy when the child forgot to prepare). Hang these on your bulletin board or use a magnet to put them up on the white board each week. The yearly theme poster includes the theme "I Am a Child of God" as well as a beautiful visual of all the monthly topics for the year. 

Bonus Ideas

  • Use these posters in your Primary Program! You can assign different children to hold them up as you go through the program or during the song for that month. 
  • Put these posters into a book for the Nursery to use. The leaders can read the monthly scripture each week while the children look at the poster. 
  • Have Primary children at home too? You can hang the posters on your fridge each month and use them for Family Home Evening.
  • Use the half sheet size to insert in the ward program at the beginning of each month. 

Class Door Signs and Hangers

The door signs have the teacher names on them, the room number, class name, and all the children's names. This is the easiest way to find the right classroom especially at the beginning of the year and for guests each week. Use the door hangers in a similar way or as a secret signal when help is needed. If you have someone to walk the halls, the teacher can put out the door hanger when they need assistance (anything from bathroom break to crazy chaos). You have the ability to edit both of these so don't worry if you need three different ones for one class.  

Bonus Ideas

  • Put the door signs inside a plastic sleeve and use strong magnets to attach to the door- there is metal around the windows in the classroom doors. This way you can easily switch them out for the next class and take them down when your ward is done.
  • Put another door sign on the end chair of each row in Sharing Time so each class knows where to sit.
  • Make an extra copy of the door sign to give the teachers for that class too (especially before the new year starts so they will know which classroom to head to ahead of time).

Primary Presidency Planner

This planner is like getting a whole other bundle within this bundle! It's amazing! It includes Teacher Appreciation Printables, Primary Teacher Questionnaire, Miss You Notes, Binder Covers and Tabs, and Faith in God Trackers. Plus the Calendar, Monthly Planning Sheets, Callings and Class Rosters, Substitute List, Birthday Trackers, Budget Planner and Tracker, Conducting and Meeting Sheets, Contact Cards, CD Cover and Labels, and Primary Program Printables are all EDITABLE! That means you can personalize all of them on your computer and update your materials throughout the year. Talk about making your life easier! 

Bonus Ideas 

  • Make each of your teachers a Birthday Tracker sheet and include a list of simple ways they can make the children feel special on their day. You can include a note that says you will be giving them something from all the Primary on the Sunday before but if the teacher would like to send a card or recognize them in class, it would mean a lot too. 
  • Use the Teacher Appreciation notes to also give a treat to your Presidency members, the Bishopric member who oversees primary, the Chorister and Pianist, and whoever else helps to keep Primary running.
  • Be sure to give the Faith in God Trackers to your Activity Days and Scout Leaders as they are there to help with the program. It would also be helpful for parents. Schedule a regular time to update your lists with theirs. 
  • When making your lesson schedule, remember to schedule the Easter and Christmas lessons accordingly. In fact, I highly recommend you bold these weeks and even point them out with a note when you hand them out (especially since Easter is on General Conference weekend). The majority of teachers don't realize there is a special lesson for those holidays until its too late. 
  • Add a note to the Substitute List about how it is the Primary Teacher's responsibility to find a sub and any suggestions on how you would like them to go about it (i.e. call the parents of the children in your class first). I'd also save your list to a draft email or a photo of it on your phone so if people email or text you asking for a sub, you can quickly send the sub list back. Keep a separate copy of those willing to teach last minute and a few back up lessons in your closet too. 
  • Give the first page of the Budget Planner to each organization that will have funds (Scouts, Activity Days, etc.) so they can easily track their expenses and give you updates as needed throughout the year. 
  • Print the covers to your Primary Program early and have the children draw a picture on the back side of the program. Worried about the little hands scribbling all over? Assign the Scouts and/or Activity Days children to decorate the backs instead. 


When you buy the 2018 LDS Primary Theme Bundle you'll save 40% AND get a coupon code for a Free Sharing Time Kit or $5 off a Sharing Time Bundle. Can you see why I love The Red Headed Hostess?