Christmas Gifts for Your Latter-day Saint Primary Class

It's the end of the year. For most of you, you'll say goodbye to your Latter-day Saint Primary class and welcome in a new bunch of kids. What can you leave with your Primary class before they move on? How can you wish them a Merry Christmas? 


I've gather a few simple and affordable ideas of things you can give your class. These LDS Primary gifts will help your class remember the things they have been learning throughout the year and the way they have felt as you've strived to bring the Spirit into the classroom each week.

Personalized Ornaments

I love these vinyl stickers from Lala Lee Lou Designs. Order a few for your class and if you have any leftovers, you have a ministering gift too. The great thing about this one is you can use ornaments you already have but no longer need or you can get some cheap ones at the store. Add these cute stickers (come in 6 colors) then add a message with Sharpie on the back. She has other designs too like “Peace in Christ” or a silhouette of the Savior.

Church Themed Candy

Keep the focus on Christ with my Christmas Nativity Gift Set. The set includes 7 chocolate wrappers, a study sheet that you can turn into a quick lesson, and a countdown poster! Save time and chocolate and use only three of the wrappers: Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. Or give a gift that goes along with this year’s Primary theme with these chocolate wrappers from My Computer is My Canvas.

Image from LDSBookstore

Image from LDSBookstore


These photo prints are only 50 cents. Write your testimony on the back and you're done. If you can, get a dollar store picture frame to add to it. My seminary teacher gave me one my freshmen year and I still have it hanging in my house. 

Image from Par-Tay Like a Cherry

Image from Par-Tay Like a Cherry

Christmas Bell

I adore this Polar Express bell idea from Par-tay like a Cherry. She tied in the wonderful message of believing with the Savior's message in Mark 5:36. Head to her site to print the bell tags out for free. Tie the tags to a bell and share your testimony with your class as you hand them out. 


Coloring Books

Give the gift of coloring plus reinforce the messages you have shared all year. If you have extra handouts you've been hanging on to, gather them together and make a coloring book for each child. If you don't have extra handouts, my Color like a Chicken coloring book includes activities and coloring pages from the lessons throughout the year. It'll reinforce what you've taught this past year and give your class something fun to do. Staple it together or sew it with some yarn. Include a personal message and a fun box of crayons or markers for a meaningful gift.

The most important gift you can give your Primary class, however, is your love and your testimony. Remember to share it one last time and to make sure they know you love them because that's what these gifts are all about.