Bee-utiful Origami Beehive Birthday Present

I received a More Mormon Origami ebook for free. My opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure here. 

Birthdays are a great time to express love for our Young Women. Everyone loves to feel special especially on their day. If you have a large class, however, it can get expensive quick. Want a great gift that doesn't drain all the funds?

These beehives are really easy to make. You can find the directions in More Mormon Origami. Its a Skill Level 1 design so it doesn't take too long to make either. I made this beehive with yellow construction paper but it would work even better with a thinner sheet. To make these beehives you end up making pockets in the back which means...

It is a perfect place for these Happy Birthday Beehive Cards! The Beehives in our ward are always wanting to read in class and write on the board. Picking the person to say the prayer is one of the favorite things to do in class on Sunday. These passes allow for a little of fun in the classroom and for that person to feel special each time she uses it. Simply print these cards and tuck them in the pocket in the back! There are two blank ones so you can customize it to your class and young women.

The More Mormon Origami book is a lot of fun. My daughters and I had fun making the Nephite and Lamanite temples. It is great for Family Home Evenings (lesson or activity) and you could use the simple ones in your church lessons. In Young Women's we made the CTR shield from Mormon Origami for a lesson- they still talk about it and want to make more (we are doing it for an activity night). Read this post for more great ideas of what you can do with the More Mormon Origami book. 

Your Turn- What gifts have been a hit in your classes?